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One thing Hartdale does have is a whispered secret; a nasty rumour that makes mum's shush their children when they mention it. It's pathetic, most agree, that the biggest thing that ever happened in Hartdale is the one thing the town wants to forget

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Fate Love is the language of the heart all over the world, but especially in the small western towns. Hartdale is no exception. Love drifts through the houses in heartfelt hugs and kisses; it floats across flower-strewn meadows and shimmering lakes. Gossip is the second language in small western towns. Hartdale is no exception. Gossip drifts through the schoolyards in whispers and giggles and seeps through the coffee shops and steepled churches. Gossip and love makes the world go round in Hartdale. Hartdale is a tiny, little place, only twelve thousand habitants or so. Under sixteens declare the town dead. And they're kind of right. Hartsdale's only connection to a motorway or main road is not concrete, but two lanes made from dirt and dust. Litter from residents rest dormant on the roads verge. No fast food places will ever open because of the link. There will not even be a service station with a shop and self-service gasoline pumps with slots for credit cards. The biggest business in Hartdale, the post office, is the only reason Hartdale is even a legal township. There are no shopping centres in Hartdale. You have to take two buses all the way over to Yorkshire for that. Children who grow up in Hartdale do not have many opportunities. Some of them quit school early so they can help their parents' farm. ...read more.


Hartsdale's people depended on routine. The bell on the door rang as a stranger opened the door. Nicola had never seen him before. He was tall, with short, thick brown hair. He looked in about his young twenties, blue eyes, and a mysterious look about him. He wore fashionable, unique clothing, defiantly not from Hartdale. This man was obviously not short of money. He had the straightest, whitest teeth Nicola had ever seen, which he revealed as he gave her a warm. Nicola blushed as she smiled back, simple as that. It was love at first sight, for her anyway. He inquired about stamps and left. Nicola was amazed by what she had just seen; she had just seen her whole future flash before her. Later that afternoon, she returned home as usual. When she went home she went straight to the television set, bumping its side as the television did not work probably. The fuzzy grey screen blipped out, then blinked back in wavering colour. Nicola dropped on the saggy yet comfortable old brown settee. The familiar Westenders theme tune drifted through the small house. The house that she lived in was old and tattered. She had lived there all her life and it was in need of refurbishment. ...read more.


Nicola had just experienced a nightmare. All the townspeople had been running round her shouting and screaming "Run, run, get away from him as far, as far as you possible can!" The shouts and screams became to unbearable to listen to, Nicola reacted quickly by shooting up in bed. She looked over and saw James lying there. She soon became calm and relaxed. She sat there looking at the man that lay there before her, James. What if it was true what the people say? She knew it was time to find out the truth, as she could not go on anymore without knowing. She slowly nudged him then softly kissed him on the cheek. He arose with a sigh and gave her a strange look, the look you give some one when you want them to leave you alone so you can remain asleep. He questioned her looking puzzled "What's wrong?" She asked him about the rumours that she had heard. He looked guilty as if he had just been found out. He pulled towards his head towards hers, kissing her and then whispered softly into her ear. Suddenly Nicola's face became drained, all the colours from her face were washed away, and she looked shocked and upset. A tear slide down her cheek. Nicola wrapped her arms around James and held him tight for she knew that this was going to be the last time she was going to see James. ...read more.

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