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Our Day Out.

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Our Day Out It was a Friday night and my friend and I were watching television when an advertisement came up saying that Alton Towers had opened six new rides: three roller coasters two water slides and a one hundred-foot high big wheel. It sounded great and we weren't doing anything one Monday so we thought we would go that, when all the children would be back at school. To night we were planing on going to the cinema and watch one of the new releases "Enemy At the Gate." It was Sunday mourning Henry and I were talking about how good the film was last night. "Can you remember the bit were the sniper guy shot the piece of string" "Yeah that was the best part of the whole film." We then started talking about the rides we were going to go on tomorrow. Henry really wanted to go on the new roller coasters but I really, really wanted to on the big wheel. ...read more.


Henry and I were quite upset but the conductor was very nice to us and said that we wouldn't have to pay the two fifty pound fines for not having our tickets with us. Henry and I got off the train bought our tickets, which cost 'an arm and a leg.' We luckily only had to wait ten minutes for our train. After all the hustle and bushel at and on the train I decided to try and get a few hours sleep to make up for all the hours I lost last night. I don't now how but I manage to sleep the rest of the journey. When we got off the train Henry and I whet for a McDonalds but there was such a big que we decided to go to one of the small sandwich shops along one of the high streets We then got a taxi to Alton Towers it was a very nice journey were we travelled most of it through the countryside. ...read more.


So I decided not to bother and I was getting anxious about finding before the pack shut. I was walking around the park when I heard a loud speaker saying 'the park is closing please find your way to the nearest exit. I was getting worried because I didn't now were he was. I went back to the place were I last saw him but the marshals said that he will be most likely be waiting for me in the car park. I went to the car park and he wasn't there. There was nothing more I could do so I got in a taxi and went home. I got off the train and I decided to wait for the next one to see if he was on that one. I thought it would be unlikely because I had the tickets. The next train came the doors open I didn't see him get off but then I saw him standing there looking around. "Where the bloody hell have you been?" "I hid in the bogs so the conductor wouldn't see me" "You clever git" We got home and never said any thing about getting lost. L.D.S ...read more.

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