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Past times

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Claire Manning 01.10.02 Past times Terrible times are always going to be ahead of us. For most people protesters are seen to be doing something just to show how much they believe in a certain thing. When the word Protest is used, individuals consider this to be dangerous and stupid. On the contrary what is one to do when nuclear waste is being transported along our own public railways polluting our environment and our own health. Whilst the process is going along amounts of radiation are leaking out of the transportation containers. I cannot believe my own ears when I heard that the ban on transporting radioactive waste was going to be lifted. How can the government be so cruel as to do such a disgraceful thing to our world? The decision to life this ban is irresponsible, I had to take action. I didn't know what I could do to try and stop this from happening, but I knew I had to try something. Local comities in my hometown of Berlin all came together to help this situation our country was in. Diagrams were drawn of how we were considering situating most of us and many thought with such compassion towards our beliefs it ...read more.


Colours were changing from green to red as graffiti was sprayed criticising the transport of nuclear waste on the walls of the buildings. The entire area fell with a flash as the smoke bombs were thrown and detonated. Our time here was done. As we walked away faces of illusion shone in front of me. I couldn't be seeing this legally. My heart sank, what had I done, here I am protesting for the environment when I have just blown up a building with smoke bombs that set alight. That does not believe in the right for environmental health. I had ashamed myself, but everyone else felt as though we had achieved a perfect fight. They didn't understand what would actually happen next. It had started and I couldn't stop it, I couldn't stop myself either. We carried on attacking railway property several times, we had called out for rail blockades to disrupt the shipment. It wasn't easy because police were everywhere. I couldn't bare to look at myself, but was I going to stop, no. Things got worse. We travelled all over Germany trying to stop trains passing through but things got out of hand in Lueneburg. ...read more.


This stopped the train. It was a success in that way. A group of around 200 activists briefly staged a separate sit-in protest on the tracks in Dannenberg before being charged by baton-wielding riot police. A small number of protesters responded by firing flares and throwing stones before retreating. One was knocked unconscious during scuffles. Police deployed water cannon and detained nearly 600 people Tuesday evening after protesters fired flares and threw stones. They said the scuffles were provoked by leftwing activists, some of whom used slingshots to pelt police with stones. I couldn't take anymore I had to stop. I was being to get weary. People were now being killed, and sent to prison for years on end. I know many of my fellow people felt the same as me, but their heart was in it, I realised that no matter how much we protested we wouldn't be able to stop anything from happening. Maybe one-day things will change in this world. I went onto better things, and ended up going to live in South America. I am now helping many people understand the importance of our environment and I work in many historical places in South America making sure that chronological tree and exceptional species of animals are kept safe. ...read more.

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