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"Reasons for and against the dropping of the Atomic Bomb".

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"Reasons for and against the dropping of the Atomic Bomb" President Truman had made an ultimate decision and it was to drop the Atomic bomb in Hiroshima. The war in the west had already ended and the whole world wanted the war in the east to end too. Also Truman needed to make this decision because it saved many American lives if he did drop it. At the Potsdam Meeting the Americans stated that they had the Atomic bomb and had warned the Japanese to surrender; either the Japanese didn't understand or they just didn't care about it. So, on 6th August Truman ordered the dropping of the Atomic bomb on Hiroshima. ...read more.


The Americans had no choice but to drop the bomb because they knew that if they charged in they would lose many troops; so the Japanese. The Bomb existed so why didn't the Americans use it? This was called "The Manhattan Project" this project was done by groups of intelligent scientist such as Einstein. They use so much money on it so they used it also it was a fast way to end the war because they knew that the Japanese would not surrender. They also needed to scare the USSR because they know that their forces were building and the USA was seeing them as enemy; they used the bomb to scare them and other countries. ...read more.


The USA already had full control over the air and sea and the bomb was also really expensive. They could have used this money to do other useful stuff and save lives instead of killing people. Also they weren't really sure how strong the bomb was because they only tested it once; and they did not know the side affects. Truman shouldn't have made such a move because he has caused the world to fear this bomb and making other counties want to produce it (more and more). I personally think that it had changed the world because it produced fear to everyone and that nowadays the bomb is much more powerful. Many people had died from this bomb and Truman made the wrong move. He could have used other ways to make Japanese surrender also he should have known that Japanese would not surrender unconditionally. ...read more.

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