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Renaissance Education DBQ

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  • Essay length: 762 words
  • Submitted: 22/02/2009
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The Transformation of Renaissance Education

The Renaissance is widely viewed to be an era of immense cultural change that brought about widespread educational reforms. For the first time in history, education was considered to be an essential part of a civilized society. According to popular thought of the early Renaissance, those who were educated in the Greek classics along with a standard knowledge of mathematics, philosophy and literature, would be those who would bring about the advancement of human civilization. However, as the Renaissance progressed, the popularity of education abruptly declined, and education once again became a luxury meant only for a chosen few. Renaissance education evolved from being a "guide to the true meaning of the past" and the key to a well-balanced gentleman, to a luxury "appropriate only to a small minority of men" (Document 1, Document 11).

At the start of the Renaissance, education was considered to be a necessity for all those who wished to attain some degree of status in society. Aeneas Pickling wrote in 1450 that education was the method through which to achieve the "enlightenment of the mind". In addition to the studies of mathematics, philosophy and literature, the

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