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Should America Leave Iraq?

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Should America Leave Iraq? Since the beginning of the war more than 350 American soldiers died ("Iraq Coalition Casualties") and 15,000 Iraqis were killed on the first days of war ("Special Reports"). It is strongly felt that American troops should be withdrawn from the Iraq's soil, keeping in view the factors which are of grave concern. America has been spending billions of dollars in war at the cost of taxpayer's money resulting in adverse economic scenario. The persistence of troops in Iraq has resulted in the escalation of terrorist activities, suicide bombings, and bloodshed. The presence of Coalition troops and their combing operations has resulted in mass casualties of Iraqi's. ...read more.


In such a situation America has left with little scope in gaining control of the Iraqi's oil reserves. The continuance of war will give rise epithetic situation between these two countries and their economies. The continued presence of Coalition troops in Iraq has led to the increased terrorism, barbaric activities all over the world killing innocent people. The soil of Iraq has become a venue for daily shootings and helicopter crashes including the crash of November 15 which was hit by a rocket propelled grenade and killed 17 U.S. soldiers ("Helicopter coalition cause Speculated). However, the war supporters have been mentioning that the circumstances which led to war are to stop the terrorism all over the world but the Iraq war and post war situations had increased more activities than before. ...read more.


If the troops are not withdrawn and the war to not put to an end, we do not how many more will be killed. The supporters of war say the postwar activities in Iraq is towards rebuilding Iraq, establishing the democracy in the country, but the non cooperative and retaliatory attitude of Iraqi's towards American soldiers is giving a doubt of rebuilding Iraq. The loss of lives of both Iraqi's and American troops is devastating. The only solution to end this is withdrawal of troops from Iraq. The American troops should be called back from Iraq. The downward trend of economy, aggravated acts of terrorism and increased death toll of people in Iraq are the key factors for considering the retreat of Americans. The panacea for all these evils will be withdrawal of troops from Iraq. Pratik Padooru ...read more.

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