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Should We Go To War With Iraq!

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Should We Go To War With Iraq! Argument 1: Sources in Context My two sources are : * We should go to war with Iraq * We shouldn't go to war with Iraq My first source is from an Atlanta newspaper which carried out a survey, and asked people if we should go to war with Iraq and 91 percent of the people said YES we should go to war, and the other 9 percent said NO to the idea of war. These people who said yes all had the same idea in which why we should go to war. They sayed yes because they think tat Iraq is responible for the September 11th attacks and that they should be ounished for what they have done! But the people that said no to the idea of war thought this because they didn't want matters to get worse they it already are. My second source is from from the newspaper called the 'Kansas City Star.' This newspaper also did a survey and asked if we should go to war with Iraq and 87 percent of the people replied NO, and the other 13 percent said Yes to the idea of war. The people that said no thought this because they don't want any more people to be killed in any of the countries and that America should just back off, until there is a reason for war. ...read more.


I think that people are just putting this thought into their heads so it makes them feel better. It is the majority of men and some of the women that think this. In my second source ( Not in favor of war ), it says that we shouldn't go to war. These people think this because they realise what will happen if they do go to war with Iraq. They thought of what will happen to other people and what will happen to the families of those people. They are thinking of people other than themselves. Surprisingly, the 13 percent of people that said yes to war were nearly all children, while in the other source it was mostly the children that said no to war. I think it depends on how you were brought, and what you think. For example, if you were brought up in a family where the father hits women, you might grow up thinking that that is the right thing to do. I think these views from these sources are important because this shows how views can change as you move around the country. This shows that some areas of one country can have different views to other parts of the country. But everyone knows for sure that Bush is preparing and maybe even start the war. ...read more.


Saddam Hussain: This already has ruined his reputation, now he known as a terrorist all over the world In the future no-one knows what will happen. It is something we will have to cope with when it happens. I think that there might be a war but there could be a war between just America, Britain and Iraq. Or if America and Britain get support from the United Nations then it will be Iraq versus America and the whole of Europe! There are three possibilities of what will happen in the future. There are: * World War III * Hatred between all three countries (America, Britain, and Iraq) * Peace between all countries The possibility of World War III is not that high. The only way that World War III is possible is if the UN (United Nations) gets involved and supports The Allies. Then the whole of Europe is against Iraq. The possibilities of America, Britain and Iraq all hating each other in the future is extremely high. This is because after all the attacks and deaths that Iraq has caused will affect this decision. Now the possibilities of peace between America, Britain and Iraq is really, zero. After all that has happened there is no chance of peace between them. I think there will be an everlasting hate between them, even in the next generation, Iraqs reputation will be passed on through families for a long time. ...read more.

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