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Spanish Civil War Essay "Diary Entry"

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Chris Stocks Spanish Civil War Essay "Diary Entry" April 16th 1939 The war has ended and all the fighting for has been for nothing. Franco and his Fascist government controls Spain, Hitler again has been victorious against democracy. I feel I must take the time to write an account of the war as I have seen it and as I have read it. I do this in case the lies of the Nationalists are told to the world. To the best of my knowledge all information in this entry is correct. The Civil war in Spanish aroused from the murder of Jos´┐Ż Castillo a member of the Socialist party by a Falangist gang in Madrid. This lead to the assassination of Calvo Sotelo who was a powerful right wing politician and former finance minister of Spain and harsh critic of the new government. This accelerated a military coup lead by General Franco that had been under preparation for a long time. ...read more.


Some Brits believed that this was a chance to stop the advance of Fascism. The League of Nations contemplated war and deemed inaction illegal as that would mean refusing to help a league member. By this time, though, the league was seen as a joke and was not even properly run anymore. Germany's View Hitler saw the war as a testing ground for his new aircraft i.e. dive bombers for clearing ground targets and the Condor Legion transported troops to their destinations. Hitler also liked the idea that Italy was tied up in the Spanish civil war and so Germany could move in to Austria. Soviets View Stalin provided the Republicans with military weapons. The aim was to give them enough to keep the Nationalists at bay but not enough to have a military edge. In his opinion as long as Germany and Italy were fighting in Spain, Russia was safe from attack from them. Because of this, he tried to prolong the war. ...read more.


Cost of War There were over one million fatalities in the War including many from Britain and many of the towns and cities lay in ruins. Franco seized power and remained there until 1975. After the war, Hitler knew that he had again beaten Britain and France and Fascism had been triumphant. With the help given during the war, Hitler assumed that Spain would be a profitable ally if he should ever declare war in the future. Hitler had also improved his relationship with Italy after how well they worked together during the civil war. The war also saw the main democracies ( USA, Britain and France) separated by the war. They each had different views on how they should combat the Fascists in Germany and now Spain and so this weakened them in the opinion of Hitler. Spain, though, refused to fight in the Second World War, as Hitler would have hoped as they saw it as nothing to do with Spain or Spanish interests. Hitler had seen how his weapons would behave in a war environment and so could estimate how well they could be used and in what ways in a much larger conflict. ...read more.

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