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Study source A. Do you agree with this interpretation of problems faced by U.S soldiers in Vietnam? Use the source and knowledge from your studies to explain your answer.

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Jack Eyres History coursework Question 2 History coursework: Study source A. Do you agree with this interpretation of problems faced by U.S soldiers in Vietnam? Use the source and knowledge from your studies to explain your answer. Introduction In this question I will be trying to answer possibilities and analyse them about source A. I will decide whether or not I agree with the interpretation of the situation faced by American soldiers in Vietnam. The soldiers faced many problems and I will be trying to analyse them to see if they are true or not. Also I will be trying to find out were the facts came from and if they provide enough evidence, and are reliable enough to work from. In the source it says that an increasing number of new recruits scored so low on their intelligence tests that if they were to apply to join the peacetime army they wouldn't have got in. ...read more.


The source says that the majority of the deaths took place in the first six months. This is understandable; the soldiers eager to fight would get a bit too over enthusiastic. They would be naive and think that they could handle it, and they would of all felt very patriotic and proud that they were fighting for their country but in fact they were just putting themselves up to be killed. After a new set of recruits would have came in, the older recruits; growing in experience, would have let them do it all, just to try and save themselves. 'Just as a soldier began gaining experience he was sent home'. This is true and this could have been one of the factors that led to the defeat of the U.S army. How could the Americans hope to win the war if they knew that they were constantly throwing inexperienced men against highly skilled, trained guerrillas on their home ground? ...read more.


Conclusion In the source it shows many aspects and areas of problems that the soldiers could have come across. It mentions about cold hard facts that I know are true, but there are also some other facts and points that I cannot prove and there is no evidence to support that they were true. The source was written by Michael Bilton and was published in 1992. I did some background research and it illustrates that Michael Bilton used primary sources of evidence and used accounts from eye witnesses. This make the source more reliable to a wider extent, He is a well known writer of fact books which make it easier for us to believe that the book is true. The source we do have does have some parts that aren't recorded in the text. So if we had a more complete source and more facts then, I would have a better understanding and interpretation of the source. The source is good because it mentions some good facts, but the source is also equally weak when it comes to the amount of evidence. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level International History, 1945-1991 section.

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