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"The deer Hunter" by E. M. Corder - book review

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Ey�or Bjartmarsson Enska 103 Unnar �rn �orsteinsson 23. Oktober, 2003 The Deer Hunter "The deer Hunter" by E. M. Corder is a great book about three young men named Michael, Steven and Nick steelworkers from the town Clairton in Pennsylvania, but they are going to the Vietnam War and this book is about what happens to them during the war and how war can affect you. The book happens between the years 1968-1973 . The Mountains 1968 The book begins just as a typical day for them at work, but it is their last day on the job because they are leaving for Vietnam two days later but that evening Steven is getting married so everyone is going to the wedding. It is a big ceremony and everyone has fun and after the wedding Michael is a bit drunk and he starts running down the street and while he is running he starts undressing himself and then he finally stops and sits down after he has been running for a while. ...read more.


more than happy to see him and after they have been on the ground for a bit they are taken as prisoners along with a couple of soldiers. When they are in the enemy fort the enemy takes two soldiers and puts them to a table with a six shooter with only one bullet in the gun and they are forced to play Russian roulette and if they do not play along they are thrown into a pit which will kill them. Now Steven and Michael are put together to the table and Steven can not handle the pressure so he is taken and thrown into the pit and it takes a while to die in the pit so it is just worse. Now all soldiers are dead except Michael and Nick and just before they start playing Russian roulette Michael says that he wants more bullets in the gun and they agree so they are now playing the game white three bullets and Nick goes first and takes a shoot and there wasn't a bullet ...read more.


Now he has talked to Steven and some one has been sending him a lot of money and Steven has no idea where the money is coming from, but it is addressed from Vietnam and Michael is very curious of who is sending Steven all that money so he goes to Vietnam and finds out who it is, it is Nick, he's alive and he has completely lost his mind because he is playing Russian roulette for money. Michael tries to talk him into coming home but he has completely lost his mind and this time he is not so lucky and he blows his brains out. Now in the end Nick is dead Steven finally came home from the hospital and Michael is the only whole person after the war. My conclusion about this book is that it is a great book but just a bit complicated and it does not keep your intention in the first book but in the second and third book it does more than that and there is some of action in it so it is a good book. ...read more.

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