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The Diary Of A Depressive.

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The Diary Of A Depressive Friday 7:30 Just got up. I wish I could sleep all morning. Gotta get ready for school now. Oh dear! Its cold outside. I hate cycling in the cold. 9:00 In registration. I was late again. Gonna read my book. 10:30 In Spanish. Teacher's babbling on as usual. I don't see the point in doing other languages. Why can't the whole world just speak English? 12:50 LUNCH! At last! Damn. I've got chicken in my roll. Did you know that the taste in chicken is from the millions of bacteria that live in them? 2:00 Lunchtime was BORING. Listened to someone talking about his stupid radio station thingy. ...read more.


5:30 Oops. Been playin on com for a bit too long. Mum tells me I should do hwk now. S'pose I betta: don't want another after school. 7:00 About to go to ATC, tell you what happened later. 9:45 At ATC, we were taught the art of stealth. We put camo cream on, and tried not to let the others find us. We hid under a hedge and 2 people walked within about 2 meters of us and still didn't see us! It's one of the only good things in life. If only it wasn't so cold! ...read more.


11:30 Finished history, (finally). Played a few card games on computer and then got on with Spanish. 11:45 Just looked in homework diary and have 4 bits of Spanish coursework to do! Looks like I'll have to do the geography tomorrow. 1:30 Lunch. Yum. Cream of tomato soup: my favourite. 3:00 I think I've had enough coursework to last me a lifetime! (I'm not even joking) 3:30 Just organised to go and see a film with some others. Bye. 6:30 I'm back. We watched The Italian Job. Its just a typical American remake: same basic plot, same characters, but in America! 9:00 Nothing on telly, so I'm just gonna play on the computer for a while, till I go to bed. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level International History, 1945-1991 section.

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