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The early settlers in Britain

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The early settlers in Britain This essay describes the early settlers in Britain, their contributions to British society and the roles of men and women. There were several groups of settlers and I have chosen to focus on the two groups Celts and Vikings. The essay argues that the view of women in the Viking and Celtic society, despite of other savage behaviour, were much like the view of women today. The Celts began arriving to Britain from Europe around 700 BC, and then they continued arriving in waves for the next 700 years. This people are important to British history because they are the ancestors of many people in e.g. ...read more.


The Celts building of hill-forts is a sign of good farming skills since this was a way of making a steady life for the residents of the village. (Stora civilisationer, n.p.) The hill-forts made a secure environment which encouraged settling and farming. The Celtic men and women were as good as equal and some women were even participating both in war and in kingship although the men were in the majority in these areas. According to An Illustrated History of Britain one of the powerful Celts who stood up to the Romans was a woman. (McDowall, 8) She had become a queen since her husband died and I believe that this is a great example of the equality between Celtic men and women. ...read more.


(Haywood, 44) The men haunted, fished and went to war and the women stayed to care for the home. In a marriage, the man and the woman were equal and if the woman could prove a marriage unworkable, she was entitled to a divorce just like women are today. Comparing the Viking and the Celtic society, they are in some respects very much alike. In both societies, the women had great authority and men and women were as good as equal even though there were jobs and titles that suited men better and others that suited women better just as in society today. Both the Celts and the Vikings had reputations to be very aggressive and dangerous but I believe that the equality between men and women is a sign of some kind of social skills. ...read more.

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