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The Falklands War.

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A III I am going to choose to do the Falklands War, which started in April1982. The Falkland Islands are situated just off the east coast of Argentina in South America. The cause of the war was when the Argentine Junta invaded the island encountering little or no resistance from people living on the islands. They did this while the British and Argentineans where still in peace negotiations about who owned the islands. After this Britain sent over a task force consisting on planes, ships and men to take back the islands and did successfully and were victorious by 15th June the same year when the Argentine forces surrendered to the British command. The Jus In Bello issues One of the conditions of a just war is proportionality, which in this conflict has not been kept to because during the bombing of Port Stanley the British Harrier Jets used cluster bombs. These bombs annihilate anything over a greater distance than a normal bomb because lots of little bombs break off and all go in different directions increasing the surface area of which the bomb affects. ...read more.


Some Argentine forces were fighting and raised a white flag to surrender. Subaltern Jim Barry moved towards the Argentine troops in order to take them as prisoners. As he moved though he was shot and was instantly killed by an Argentine soldier. Although this thought to have been a mistake rather than a meaningful act it angered the British troops who immediately launched 66mm rockets and aimed concentrated machine gun fire at the building. The building was set ablaze and no survivors emerged. This action is very disproportionate as it is killing many Argentines's to retaliate for the death of one British soldier. The Falklands war did nonetheless prove that in this modern era there could be such a thing as a just war because the modern weaponry can be proportionate. Jus ad Bellum issues There was a just cause for war because when Argentina took over the islands it was because Britain gave up any land in South America or the islands near it to some Spanish Colonists and the Argentines claimed they were the successors to the Spanish colonists. ...read more.


Another condition in war is proportionality. Was it kept in a war in which 1000 men were sent to enable 1800 half citizens to give them a choice of government? Many people do not think so. However is it not right to protect your citizens if they belong to you despite them being thousands of miles away from the British homeland? Argentina did have a right to own the Falklands Islands but not the right to go to war with Britain because the British had not committed a fault to Argentina to have a just cause for going to war. Britain did have a right to go to war in self-defence but did the war bring less suffering to the islands than the war itself would cause. From a pacifists of principle point of view it would not be a just reason to go to war as the British government did not try and make war a last resort even thought they were attacked. From a selective objectors point of view they would agree with the war, as it is an act of self-defence but could not justify the moral issues of the war. ...read more.

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