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The following were all equally important reasons why the stalemate on the Western Front was finally broken: New technology like the tank, The American entry into war, The blockading of German ports, and The German offensive in march 1918.

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Samantha Bennett Modern World History Coursework Assignment 1 c) The following were all equally important reasons why the stalemate on the Western Front was finally broken: * New technology like the tank * The American entry into war * The blockading of German ports * The German offensive in march 1918 Explain how far you agree with this statement. All of these reasons are important reasons as to why stalemate finally broke on the western front and they are all linked in various ways, The development of new technology like the tank was a important contributor but not the most important as there were advantages and disadvantages to the tank, advantages being that it caused a lot of alarm within the German troops and was a great moral boost among the British troops, another advantage was that it could advance ahead of the troops crashing through the enemies barbed wire and spraying the enemy with machine gym fire. ...read more.


The American entry into the war was an important contributing factor, the Americans joined the war in April 1917 they joined as there were many bad feeling between them and Germany since 1914, they were officially neutral but they were clearly supplying loans and equipment to the allies which made the Germans place a policy of unrestricted submarine welfare against Americans ships which were suspected to be carrying supplies to the allies. Things started to look down for Germany as America had the third largest navy in the world after Britain and Germany; the American government was also willing to lend Britain money so t could buy vital supplies from the U.S. American troops were poured into France In 1918 at a rate of 250,000 a month. These fresh and enthusiastic troops were important in the successful allied offensive which eventually broke Germanys will to fight on. ...read more.


It was a success and the Germans broke through the line and drove the allies back more then 60 kms, and once again the Germany army was in sight of Paris. But the German army became exhausted and could not reach Paris as the allies had fought hard to hole their positions and American troops were now joining them. Now it was the turn of the allies to push the Germans back and the new invented technology helped. The Germans eventually withdrew to the Hindenburg lines. All of these factors are sole contributors the reason why stalemate was broken on the western front as if American had not joint the war then the German offensive would have succeed even better and the allies may not have been able to push germane back which also need the invention on the new tanks and gas weapons. So I agree with the statement that they are all equally important reasons to why stalemate was finally broken on the Western front. ...read more.

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