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The New Deal

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World war two had a massive affect on the success of the new deal it provided thousands of new jobs as a soldier or building armaments and ammunition. It also boosted Americas export market it was know exporting weapons and ammunition It also deterred public attention away from governments policies over than the war most peoples minds were on the war not laws and acts the government were passing. It also gave FDR more support from the public because he was seen to be fighting the Nazis and Japan the bad guys this was probably one of the main reasons he won his next election. ...read more.


FDR did succeed at three things which was down to the New Deal the TVA which successfully turned the dust bowl of the Tennessee valley into a thriving successful part of America in all aspects also the AAA was a success it restored balance in the agricultural industries and helped farmers get back on track and finally the banking he restored the Americans faith in American banks whit the emergency banking act which was the core of the success of the AAA and the resuscitation of Americas economy Overall and with hindsight I believe that FDR's New Deal was a success and a failure but not his fault he did the best that he could do to get America back on ...read more.


His successes were where no one argued over his plans such as the Emergency Banking Act the TVA and the AAA these were places were he had no opposition. But when it came to trade everyone was against him FDR wanted Trade unions bug corporations didn't so his plans were argued whit if he had had the Supreme Court on his side the NRA would not have fallen but they didn't like its levels of control and declared it and all its codes unconstitutional. So I believe that the New Deal was not a complete success due to the lack of support buy the supreme court and over politically powerful people. ...read more.

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