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The night of the Long Knives

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´╗┐The night of the long knives, involved the removal of the SA. SA, short for Sturmabteilung, was known as ?storm troopers?. The SA were very supportive to Hitler, they would terrorized the Jewish and often fought with the communists in 1931-1933. SA was an apolitical organisation; it played a very important role in Hitler?s rise to power. SA troopers were also referred as ?brown shirts? as that was their uniform. The SA was originally founded in 1920s. The first stewards for the SA were given by the members of the Bavarian Army?s 19th Mortar Company through Ernst Rohm?s military contracts. The SA and the members of the Nazis party got together for a revolution, which was the Munich Putsch (beer hall putsch). ...read more.


However? Hitler was not at all interested in ?second revolution? or the combining of the SA and German army. He was not keen of giving the SA a higher status as their actions were becoming an embarrassment for Hitler. The SA would go onto the streets and fight, hit or shoot any men, women on little things such as if the person did not salute them etc. The German army were very much against the SA?a military activates was growing in the areas that were demilitarised by the Treaty of Versailles. Hitler had to choose between having full back up and trust from the German army by removing the SA or support the SA. ...read more.


Simply? Hitler was a clever man, who knew how to handle situations, which is obviously why he was at the position. Hitler claimed that these men were killed as they were all part of treason plot. The cabinet even thanked Hitler for his ?determined and courageous actions? The General of the German army and the President Hindenburg even thanked Hitler publicly. The SA was now only a tool for propaganda etc. The general public feared and hated the SA as they used to beat up and even murder innocent civilians. The general public was relieved ?for the moment?. The German army was very much happy to see that the SA was under control and that the German army was the main army. Finally? the removal of the SA was mainly beneficial to the Nazis party. Page of ...read more.

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