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The Quiet Ameican - The dangers of War

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What does the Quiet American have to say about the dangers of War? The Quiet American is a prophetic story portraying Graham Greene's views of the situation in Indochina during the Pre-Vietnam War. Greene through his novel highlights many of the threats and results of war. The Quiet American emphasize on the suffering to innocents and subsequent disruption to society. It also notes how war causes many decent people to become killers and commit atrocities and is left with guilt. Last but not least, war very often destroys friendships and severs relationships. Greene throughout his book displays many vivid scenes of the destruction to a society that is touched by war. The Quiet American shows how during war time, innocent civilians suffer for a cause they often don't believe in. The first scene in the book that is instrumental in displaying the horror of war is the scene of the canals behind a Vietnamese village. Fowler is forcibly reminded of "... an Irish stew containing too much meat. ...read more.


The story reveals how Pyle was responsible for the Bombing of the Pavilion. The destruction left "A woman...on the ground with what was left of her baby in her lap." And Fowler notices a "legless torso at the edge of the garden...twitched, like a chicken which has lost its head". Yet Pyle still believes that the bomb was still justifiable. "There was meant to be a parade...". This shows how misled Pyle is. He is a good man, who thinks he can take over Vietnam, for Vietnam's sake. Pyle is "...Impregnably armored by his good intentions and his ignorance." There are then also cases of when decent people are forced to commit atrocities, and then left to face the guilt. These were often the soldiers who are fighting the war. "We fight your wars for you, yet it is us who are left with the guilt." This states clearly how it is the soldiers who do the killings and the atrocities because they are forced to. As Captain Trouin describes his first napalm bombing, "...The first time I dropped napalm I thought, this is the village where I was born. ...read more.


She had been with Fowler for 2 years, though it is unclear whether she truly loved him, it is shown that she cares for him. Yet, as the war rages on, and situations arises, Phuong is forced to leave Fowler for Pyle for security. This puts added strains onto the friendship developing between Fowler and Pyle that finally leads to the death of him by Fowler. The Quiet American shows these scenarios to highlight how during war, relationships often don't stand a chance and are ultimately severed.. The Quiet American accentuates the dangers of war, and the harm and threats it brings. The novel vividly describes the horrors and destruction that war brings to a society that often only wants peace. It also underlines the effect war has on decent people in leading them to believe in their ideals so blindly that they become killers. While also forcing other decent people to commit atrocities and leaving them with the guilt. However, the Quiet American puts heavy emphasis on the severing of ties and relationship during wartime as is the case between Pyle, Fowler and Phuong. The book serves very well in highlighting how war affects the people and society. ...read more.

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