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The Use Of Atomic Bombs Against Japan.

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The Use Of Atomic Bombs Against Japan The photograph in source A shows graphic evidence of how the dropping of the atomic bomb caused catastrophic damage on a part of Hiroshima. It gives evidence that the bomb caused large amounts of damage, and explains the high death toll. There are a few buildings in the picture just standing with everything else wiped out by the blast. It does however not show how radioactivity has affected the area; it just shows the physical devastation. The photo has visual impact that would be difficult to explain in words. We know Hiroshima was a built up area but the photograph depicts an area showing little sign of habitation. This picture has been taken perhaps from a tall building or a helicopter to show the extent of the damage over quite a large area. The buildings have been reduced to nothing more than fine rubble apart from a few buildings. If this source were a bird's eye view photograph then it could show the devastation the bomb caused more clearly. ...read more.


The speech was his justification for dropping the bomb to end the war quickly after Truman realised how tough and unwilling to give in the Japanese were. Source D is not reliable as evidence of events in 1945 because this source is propaganda for the Japanese people; which makes it not literally true. The Japanese were defiant; this source is proof of that. This article does have its use of boosting morale of the Japanese. Japan's Prime Minister had the support of kamikaze pilots. But the population of 100 million weren't all prepared to sacrifice their lives. This source could be reliable evidence put out by the American Prime Minister to show the determination of the Japanese to defeat the enemy, therefore his way of justifying the dropping the bomb. Source E is not reliable evidence of events of 1945. It is truth-full evidence of events in 1945 because it gives an explanation of what happened. There is however no physical written evidence by General Groves, which makes the source more likely to be unreliable. ...read more.


This article still seems to show the bitterness and raw emotion even 18 years after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Source H was written only two years after the bombing and the feeling is that of a last resort to prevent further loss of men by ending the war and also warning communist Russia of Americas superiority. America had faced early problems when trying to invade Japan, loosing many men and gaining very little ground. The newly appointed Truman was worried about loosing support at home because of these loses and wanted a quick and effective end to the war. The Americans were fearful of the tactics of the Japanese in War after their savage attack on Pearl Harbour and the attitude of the Japanese suicide pilots. The historian's judgement is often clouded by different facts from various sources as shown in these two articles and one's personal opinion tends to support the victor as in this case America. Because of America showing Russia their new weapon this led to the start of a new arms race and the beginning of the Cold War. History Coursework Thomas Sawkins 11B ...read more.

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