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The War Game By Peter Watkins

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The War Game By Peter Watkins My first reactions toward this film were of shock and surprise, the film leaves no room for imagination. Peter Watkins' intent is to shock, educate and to encourage disarming nuclear weapons. The film is graphically trying to get a strong message through, the message being that nuclear warfare needs to be seriously talked about and soon. Before a lot of innocent people get hurt. After adjusting to the graphic detail I began to see that it was necessary for this use of grotesque scenes and mind blowing facts and statistics to get the viewers attention. The parts of the film that worked best for me were when the nuclear weapon air-bursted and when you got to see people's reactions after the nuclear attack. The film is about the events of a nuclear attack on England and is set over a period of four months it has three main parts, the build up to a nuclear attack, the nuclear attack and the aftermath of a nuclear attack. The storyline is basically that the Chinese had invaded Vietnam and the Germans and Russians approved this so to show their support they invaded Berlin and threatened to invade West Berlin unless the Americans forget their ideas on using nuclear weapons on Vietnam. ...read more.


The way the title is set on the screen is also clever it shows the title in bold, normal dull writing so that it just tells you what it is, no more, no less it makes people think of it more seriously as if war is not a game. The use of black and white film in my views worked very well in this film. It once again gives that feeling of its there, you can't argue with it, almost as if it's a statement. The best use of black and white film was when the nuclear warhead air bursted and the film went in to negative, this gave the feeling that Britain had been turned upside down and inside out. It acted as a starting point for suffering to begin in the film as from then on nothing was the same. On a number of occasions Peter Watkins shows how na�ve our government and religion can be on the nuclear war issues. The film shows a lot of interviews with random people off the street that do not know much about nuclear warfare this shows that the government has not informed the public about nuclear warfare and its risks, also these people are from all different classes and communities this shows that nuclear warfare effects everyone. ...read more.


Also at the end of the film there is a huge almost frightening silence whilst showing the end credits, normally in nearly all end credits there is music or at least some sort of sound. This silence is cleverly put in to show the effect this film has had on people because if you have properly watched and understood this film you should be should be shocked and also in a silent state. This silence gives you a chance to reconcile your thoughts and views. I think that the best place to watch this film would be in an auditorium where you are with other people and you can see shocked, silent reactions to the film. In conclusion I think that this film should have made a impression on anyone who watched it, this impression being against nuclear warfare. I think that Peter Watkins was successful in getting his message through. Personally I think that I have learnt a lot not only with the facts and statistics but morally. My views on nuclear warfare were against it but after watching this drama-documentary they were definitely even more so against it now that I know a lot more about it and I am now a believer in disarming nuclear weapons around the world. By Jonathan Scott ...read more.

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