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To What Extent Can The Establishment Of The Crusader States From 1099 1118 Be Attributed To The Leadership Of Tancred And Baldwin I?

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Ben Jacques ________________ To What Extent Can The Establishment Of The Crusader States From 1099 ? 1118 Be Attributed To The Leadership Of Tancred And Baldwin I The Crusader States were a true sign that the first crusade had been a success, against all the odds the Franks had captured the holy land and kept it safe from Muslim attackers. The fact that the States survived for so long with a fraction of the force they had is also surprising, their establishment can be attributed to a number of factors such as the leadership of Tancred and Baldwin I, Muslim disunity, military superioirity. Baldwin and Tancred were both leaders of the crusaders at a greatly prosperous time. They defeated attacks from both of the Muslim factions numerous times and were great commanders and kept the crusader state safe from attack. For example the battles of Ramlah show how Baldwin was able to defeat a much larger Muslim force in defence of Jerusalem and the other crusader states. ...read more.


The two leaders were strong however they had weaknesses; they were successful in keeping the Crusader States safe in times of crisis however they tended to slip into complacency when there was no apparent threat. Their knowledge from previous battles was invaluable to keeping the Crusader States safe from danger and prosper. Muslim disunity is a major factor for the success of the Crusader States. The Crusader States were always under attack from the Muslims but never from one unified army. If the Muslims had put aside their differences to fight their common enemy then they defiantly would have been more successful in defeating the Crusaders however the opposite came to pass with Muslim leaders making pacts with the Crusaders such as Chavli and Damascus. If the Muslims had concentrated their attacks and formed a coalition army like the Crusaders then they would have been more successful however unlike the Crusaders they chose not to cooperate and act separately from each other bringing defeat. ...read more.


They also co-operated well militarily forming coalition armies both to attack and defend for example in Tripoli. The professional knights that the Franks had were highly trained and effective and an army of a few hundred of them could effectively defeat thousands of Turks. The crusaders were good military strategists and used European tactics to their advantage, for example the heavy cavalry charge was used effectively to swing battles in the crusader?s favour. The military competence of the crusaders and their knowledge from previous battles mean that they could effectively protect the crusader states. In conclusion I agree that the knowledge and leadership skills of Tancred and Baldwin lead to the establishment of the crusader states however this is not the only factor for their success, Muslim disunity is a major reason for their survival as was their military competence. If any one of these factors not been present then I do not believe that the Crusader states would have survived during this period. ...read more.

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