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To what extent was opposition from politicians responsible for the failures of the civil rights campaigns between 1945-55?

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´╗┐Mathew Millard. To what extent was opposition from politicians responsible for the failures of the civil rights campaigns between 1945-55? There are many factors that affect what happened to the civil rights campaign between 1945 and 1955, these range from Plessy vs. Ferguson and terrible protest techniques held by the campaigners themselves, I will be looking into the factors that caused the failures of the civil rights campaign and who or what is to actually blame for failures. The protests held by the African Americans to gain civil rights were an extreme point for the failure of the civil rights campaigns. The NAACP?s offices in the southern state were shut down to prevent any form of protests for civil rights in the south. CORE journey of reconciliation highlighted that while African Americans enjoyed de jure rights, they weren?t seeing what they got realistically. In 1947 there was limited amount of picketing visible by the civil rights campaigners, only small protests were seen and they had no aid in change. When the African Americans won the brown v. ...read more.


The police supporting the KKK is very extraordinary, the police are meant to protect and respect all citizens no matter what their race or religion. So with them going against the blacks and letting the KKK do that shows that the civil rights campaigns are extremely diminished by southern politicians and there states laws. The racial etiquette was the way that black people had to treat whites and vice versa, the African Americans weren?t able to call a white person, Mr or Mrs. They also wasn?t able to eat in a white family?s kitchen. With this continuing well into the 1950?s showed that the north and Truman?s policies weren?t succeeding in eliminating segregation. The southern politicians tried extremely hard to become president and appose Truman?s civil rights policies, Truman?s policies weren?t perfect either. The Dixiecrats opposed all of Truman?s reforms, Strum Thurmond ran against Truman in the 1948 election. Southern democrats in congress voted against Truman?s policies. The to secure these rights policies only highlighted problems. ...read more.


Ferguson and sweet vs. panter are only very tiny de facto victories that didn?t help in any way to the devastating truth that segregation actually was. In conclusion, the legal factors were all victories although only small they still aided in the victory and therefore were in no way a part of the failure of the civil rights campaign in 1945 ? 55, the nature of discrimination in the south meant that changing the way people saw the lives of African Americans in comparison of the lives of non coloured would be extremely hard and aided in the failure as they would constantly fight for segregation. In the protests that were held out by the campaigners was very ineffective and therefore was a large part to the failure of the campaign. Another large failure was the politics and the presidency as because of southern pressure Truman couldn?t carry out any of his policies. In my opinion the main reason is the presidency, this is because of the power he had to change but then decided not to because of lack of funding and alot of pressure caused him to fail at making his policies work. ...read more.

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