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Trench Warfare

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Alexandra Ford Mrs. Bastain 6th hour Dear Anonymous- The days are beginning to meld together, and I am beginning to question my sanity. I am still residing in the land of the living, but my senses are solely tuned to nothing other than the ingredients of war. The hum of bullets resonates in my skull, as I watch death consume my brothers. I want to cry, I want to feel their pain...but that is not an option. The rats clamber over my face and tear into my hands, but I have no vigor left to wave them off. Beads of sweat and mud trickle down my forehead and seep between my pursed, chapped lips. ...read more.


I have not experienced all of my duties during my time here either. Tonight I am to stand to, from nineteen hundred to twenty-one hundred hours. I'm frightened. In the past week there have been four raids at my standing time. I can only pray that God has mercy on me. And if there shall be a raid where I were to be maimed, please let it be fatal, for I would rather die with my dignity than live a man of no worth. Last night I patrolled no-mans land and had to make the hard decision to kill my opponent in a hand to hand battle. This whole way of being has become so surreal to me, I can barely comprehend it anymore. ...read more.


I am beginning to wonder if there is any truth to their vision anymore. I sit here watching stray bullets cause fathers, brothers, sons, and friends to slump into the muddy slop which we are forced to call our beds...our home away from home. I often get lost in thought of what it would be like to be on the outside, looking in on this horrible hostile act of complete inhumanity. I want out. I want to leave this hell and run far away...to anywhere...to nowhere. All I want is fresh air to breathe, and a place to rest my weary head. I can find no peace in this world. Last night as I stared into the eyes of my dying enemy, I saw God cry. This is too much for me. I welcome you, apathy. Sincerely, William Joseph Donovan U.S. Army 165th Infantry 42d Division ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Modern European History, 1789-1945 section.

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