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Tudor Exam

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a) In 1483 Richard, duke of Gloucester made himself king of England. He did this because of many reasons. Richard felt he was entitled to the crown. Richard was the brother of the previous king Edward IV. Edward gave his crown to his son Edward V which obviously Richard didn't like. Richard believed he should have had the crown since he was his brother and Edward V was only 12. Richard was named the protector instead. Richard could be seen as being avuncular to the princes so should have the crown. Richard was named as protector of the princes, Edward V and Richard of Shrewsbury. He intercepts Edward on the way to London and keeps him safe. He puts Edward in the tower to keep him safe and it is the tradition for soon to be coroneted people to live there for a while. Richard would have said that his services to both Edward IV and his sons would entitle him to be next in line for the crown. The Woodvilles would have been the next after Edward to get the crown. ...read more.


When Richard arrived in Britain he chose Wales to land because his uncle Jasper had a lot of land there and the Tudors hade many allies there. In between Wales and Bosworth Henry managed to rally 3000 more troops. This brought his numbers to 5000 troops. Richard however did have many weaknesses which would have helped Henry to victory in Bosworth. Richard only had strong support in the north of England and wasn't liked in the south. This meant that Richard couldn't command from London where the parliament was. People also saw him as a usurper because he locked the princes up and took the throne for himself and didn't earn it. People even said he was a murderer claiming her killed the princes which would make it worse. He also introduced forced loans because he needed more money. This was where he forced nobles to give him more money and had no intension of paying it back. Many nobles disliked him for this reason because they wanted their money and why should they give it to him and especially if he is bullying them in to giving it to them. ...read more.


The Percy's and the Stanley's chose not to fight. The Percy's who were in charge of the reserves stood and watched not joining for any side. Lord Stanley and his army stood and watched. William Stanley fought for Henry's side turning the battle massively. Some of Richards's men started to give up the fight knowing that they were defeated. They gave up or just sat out and watched. Richard saw this and as a last desperate act charged at Henry personally. This was bad because not many soldiers joined him and this meant he was nearly alone attacking a lot of troops. He nearly reached Henry but his horse was taken from him and he refused a new horse. This was another tactical error because with a new horse he could have fled and still stayed alive. Because he didn't take the horse he was massacred. In conclusion foreign support was important however there was many other factors which were more important. I think the biggest factor was the fact that Richard made some big errors at Bosworth because I think if he stayed on the hill and allowed Henry to attack him he could have won since he had double the amount of soldiers. ?? ?? ?? ?? Niall Ashton ...read more.

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