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Using the sources and your own knowledge, do you agree with the statement that Wolsey could have done more to reform government at home?

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Using the sources and your own knowledge, do you agree with the statement that ?Wolsey could have done more to reform government at home?? Use sources M, N, O and P. Sources M, N and O disagree with the statement ?Wolsey could have done more to reform government at home? but all three sources suggest he was more inclined to help the poor and villains than the more powerful and influential nobles. Source P agrees with the above statement depicting that Wolsey was second-rate and could/ should have done a better job at being Cardinal and right-hand-man to the King. Both sources M and N make the point that Wolsey?s main aim was to help the villains who had been neglected and dealt with unjustly for many years thus reforming the government and how/why it operated. Source O states that Wolsey made one of the biggest contributions towards the change in taxation which now meant ?the Crown was levying taxation which accurately reflected the true wealth of taxpayers.? Whilst source N asserts that Wolsey was ?remarkable? when referring to the 260 people known that he had brought to court. ...read more.


Source O also talks about a system of taxation which in this case was a replacement of fifteenths and tenths which was the previous form of taxation paid by towns and boroughs to the Crown. This new system reflected accurately the true wealth of taxpayers and rejected a fixed rate which the fifteenths and tenths were based around, so people were now paying taxes based on their income, land, and power they held therefore creating a greater financial burden on the very rich. Source P agrees with the statement stating that Wolsey did little to reform the government and may have even hindered its progress. Therefore source P is of the opinion that Wolsey could have done more towards the restructuring of the government. It talks in terms of Wolsey being one of the ?greatest weaknesses? and that he was a ?bad financier? G.R. Elton doesn?t seem to bare a grudge against Wolsey and all his other sources seem to be diplomatic if on the slightly negative side. G.R. Elton does make a very valid point regarding nobles he made ?enemies of many whose hostility could be dangerous? which was very true as by effectively ?steeling from the rich and giving ...read more.


Wolsey was a very powerful man and was sometimes seen as the most powerful, he managed to better the lives of many villains during his power surge and this could be related to his lesser background which demonstrates that Wolsey was rather empathetic. I believe his reforms were generally made to be used as revenge against Nobles and Lords as there are many examples documented therefore he must have had a passion for justice and evidently this caused some positive effects from his reforms with given his lack of financial skills he did very well to ?reform the government at home? but this did very little and may have hindered the institutionalised reformat as no he could not make any of his laws ?stick? such as the Enclosure action to took against the Nobles, this also benefitted the villains and didn?t benefit the Nobles but because the Nobles still held more power and he was unable to exert his when it came to the enclosures and the laws were overthrown and left in tatters, this makes use question the long-term practical results of his activities and how many of his choices were made to benefit the land or serve vengeance to the villains. ...read more.

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