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Vietnam Sources Questions

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Calvin Evans Mr. Parker VIETNAM COURSEWORK ASSIGNMENT Questions 1 - 6 Vietnam coursework assignment Question1-2 1.Study Sources A What can you learn from source A about the reasons for US involvement in South Vietnam? Source A was taken from a book written by John F Kennedy, who was soon to be president of the USA. It states a belief that America claimed the domino theory, this involved the belief that countries that were threatened by communism were like a row of dominoes once one fell the others would follow. So for this reason the Americans claimed to get involved in Vietnam to stop the fist domino falling and therefore preventing the chain reaction from accruing. Kennedy also felt Vietnams economy was essential to the economy of South East Asia. This belief is true but is no reason to wage war in Vietnam. 2. Study Sources B and C. In what ways does the evidence of source B and C help you understand the reasons for US involvement in South Vietnam? Source B and C give us a variety of reasons for us involvement in South Vietnam. Source B is an official statement made by the us state department which mainly states the same reasons for intervention in Vietnam as source a that it was purely to protect the independence of south Vietnam and its people. ...read more.


What is probably the most important reason for the Vietcong's victory over the US is the fact that they very rarely fought set-piece battles. Source D explains this, the Vietnamese's used guerrilla warfare tactics "is not to go in for large scale battles and big victories" but rather to "nibble at the enemy in such a way that he can neither eat nor sleep in peace". Source C states, "the rare occasion when he VC chose to fight a set-piece battle, provided the only excitement", this showed us the US army was only used to fighting set piece battles. The Americans had very little experience with the kind of warfare that the VC fought. When the VC did fight a set-piece battle, these battles did not achieve anything. As stated by source E, the VC had support amongst the Vietnamese "be fair and honest with the people," when staying in a civilian house maintain it as if it is your own", "be polite with the people ". And in return, they were "respected and loved by the people." The Us took a different approach they had very little support amongst the Vietnamese .The US tactics, simply killing any Vietnamese people, did not help anything. ...read more.


The letters would have had a strong impact on the reader. The letter in source H says, " I am tired of going to sleep and listening to the rockets and mortars and artillery. I'm sick of facing every day a new bunch of kids ripped to pieces." America began to realise that they were fighting for the wrong reasons. The song in Source K confirms this. It is a song written by country Joe McDonald in 1967. Its tone is sarcastic and the chorus reflects the view of the soldiers toward the end of the war. Source K also shows the growing anti war culture in the USA. Songs like this had a wide audience and they were able to broadcast their opinions better than a political debate and targeted wider range of audience. Lesser reasons include the demonstrations at Universities and Colleges. Not only did these demonstrations raise public awareness but also sparked the government into doing more for the boys at war. One of the more important reasons was the fact that the public became more aware of what was going on in Vietnam the USA was losing the war thousands of young Americans were losing their life for what some might of called an immoral war. Every thing, which happened in Vietnam, was relayed back to the American public and what they saw was uncensored. ...read more.

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