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War in the Air

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War in the Air The war in the air played a major part in the wining of the war because it helped Britain and allies to spot enemy movements and spot artillery. But these planes had there draw backs because they were slow moving and could not see through cloud cover because they could not get too low because they may have been hit by enemy fire. The first time these planes were used in a major battle was in the battle of the Somme. ...read more.


But as soon as some of the horrific stories of battles and the deaths of soldiers came home the enthusiasm died away. The public soon didn't want to go and fight on the frontlines but still wanted to be apart of the war and serve their country. People began to talk about fighting on the home front. On august 8th 1914 parliament passed the defence of the realm act. This act was designed to keep morale up in Britain and regulate life on the home front by sending constant supplies of munitions, weapons, clothes, equipment and food. ...read more.


British summer time was introduced to increase working hours on farms. In a bid to make people do more work pub hours were cut and the selling or consuming of brandy or whisky became illegal. The need for food had increased in Britain so much so that public parks and many other open spaces had been turned into allotments. Between 1914-18 1.2 million hectares had been ploughed so that vegtables can be own. When war broke out over 3,000,000 men joined up. Conscription for women was then introduced so that they could take over their husband's jobs. ...read more.

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