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Was the Effort Made By the Soviets the Main Reason In the Defeat of Germany?

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Was the effort made by the soviets the main reason in the defeat of Germany? In this essay I hope to describe what caused the defeat of Germany and if it really was the effort made by the soviet that was the deciding factor. I will start with the effort made by the soviet so that I can easily compare it to other important parts of the end of Nazism rule in Germany. The Soviet push began from a defensive position after the German attack called Barbarossa. The Germans had turned there backs on their former alley Russia, this came to a complete surprise to Stalin and Russia as Stalin what to rule the world with Germany. The operation had problems right from the start after Hitler had to send men to help the Italians who caused a four-week delay that cost the Germans dearly. After the delay the German army pushed forward but even with 75% of the German army pushed forward in this attack. This was not enough to stop them being completely out numbered but this did not worry Hitler as he was sure that his "master race" would have been strong enough to cope with the odds against them. ...read more.


The next bad decision that lead to Germans defeat was its choice in allies they turned on there strongest alley Russia and if they hadn't done this the war could have been a lot different. They would have only been fighting a single front war and would have a super powered allied and may have defeated Europe and eventually the world would have crumbled to the power of Germany and Russia. The may have been many reasons for the German decisions to turn on Russia but the two main ones in my opinion where: - Germany probably feared the power of Russia and fear being stabbed in the back as they where so close to the German border also Hitler would have wanted to be ruler of the world and feared competition from Stalin which brings me on second point. One government was completely left wing the other was right the other side and was right wing which meant that it would have been very difficult to rule the world when both sides had such different ideas in the way it should be done. ...read more.


Because I do not think that the was one single most important action in the Second World War because unlike the First World War the points are connected together and form a domino affect. Meaning that if one of the events did not happened the others would not have been so successful. If Germany had not helped out their allies and gone a head with their attack on time Russia would have had time to prepare for Germanys attack and if the was no bombing raid in 1943 the would have been more German weapons and a greater chance of success. If Hitler had been more intelligent over the leadership of the army they may have been able to make a breakthrough in Russia or been able to defend more effectively they may have been able to counter attack. But I think that the reason if I had to say the was one that cost Germany the war was there choice of allies if they had kept an alliance with Russia they would have had a powerful country in Europe as a alley. If they had not allied with Japan and Italy America would not have the war and Germany would not have been force into battles which where not in the current plans. ...read more.

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