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What lay behind the horrors of the slave trade.

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The slave triangle worked like this. Firstly the people in Britain made goods like guns, alcohol, and iron bars, which were made very cheaply. All the goods were then carried to the docs in Glasgow, Liverpool or Bristol. All these goods were then boarded on to the ships and were taken to West Africa to be traded for slaves. The people bought only the strong looking slaves, both men and women. They took them to a market and placed them into chains, and were marched to the coast. They slaves were once again examined to see whether they were healthy, and if they were they were usually branded high up on the shoulder or high up on their backs. The branded slaves were taken to the barraoon and were placed on the ships. Men were separated from the women. The ships were packed with 600 or ore slaves. They were tightly packed in the warm, dark airless holds below the deck. They were placed there for the entire voyage across the Atlantic Ocean, which lasted for several weeks. Not surprisingly, many slaves died during this time. ...read more.


Most children died at the time because of the atmosphere. And most of the children who survived had to live differently to where their parents would be staying. One of the white slave traders is lying on a mat. By his side there is a table or it's a stool& on it there is a book, which looks as though the white trader has been keeping records of what and who each slave, was. There is also a hole in the ground from which a black trader is drinking water. Nevertheless there were other people who weren't involved directly. Some people example the captain would be involved. This is because the captain would be the one who bought all the saves from the countries to the docks of the places where they would have to go to. Another person would be the capturer, this is because they would be the ones who have taken the slaves from the docks of Africa and taken to the plantations. Similarly other people like theses would be involved. In the West Indies people who were also involved were people such as the black slaves because they cut the sugar canes in the field. ...read more.


They would make the black slave traders do all the main work but at the same time they would do some work to example they would be doing and preparing all the paper work to export the goods. I would therefore like to conclude my essay by saying this that what lay behind the horrors of the slave trade very miserable and disappointing. No one should have been treated the way the black African slaves were treated. Imagine being in there position's don't even think that you would last for more than a week. I know that they were the ones that gave us what we have today and we should be glad that it was they and not we; I still think that the slaves were not treated equally. It was not there fault that they were black. All I think is that the white and Black traders were very greedy for the money and profit that they made. They were not interested in anything else other than that, which is quite sad and upsetting. Today we have got everything we own because of them. If it weren't for them we would not have sugar or tobacco or cotton, which we wear. But they still should not have been treated differently to others. Seerin Gorji 9A 06/05/07 1 ...read more.

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