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What was the importance of the financial weakness of the Monarchy in causing the French Revolution?

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What was the importance of the financial weakness of the Monarchy in causing the French Revolution? In 1978 the French Revolution had finally started. It was caused by many factors from years before. The first reason and considered main reason, was the Debt accumulated during the Seven Years War and the American War of Independence, where the government used an exorbitant quantity of money for supporting a major army and navy. The second reason was the taxation of the time, where the Monarchy failed to diminish the taxes of the population. Finally the Enlightenment period, where people named Philosophes, generally criticized the absolute Monarchy and the clergy as well as questioning the equality in the country specially in the taxation division. To which point the financial crisis of the absolute monarchy in France can be considered to be the main cause of Revolution. As Louis XVI came to power in 1774, he began to adopt a new policy where France would build up a major army and navy. His intentions were to prove the whole world that by that time, France was one of the major powers. ...read more.


As the nobles were not obliged to pay, people, from the third estate, began seeing the system as being unfair and they began to dislike it. The "taille r�elle", which was a land tax was also mainly paid by the third estate, this resulted in almost extracting all their money only with taxes. The third estate was also to follow their seignural dues, which clearly favoured the nobles. The third estate, which sold their land, were obliged to pay a percentage of the sale price to the seigneur (feudal lord), in this case the noble which bought their land. Sometimes, the peasants had to pay to use the corn mill or olive or wine press, this was what most annoying in the seigneural dues. Nevertheless, what most made the third estate people annoyed was that this excessive quantity of money they had to pay for taxes was rarely used for the benefit of the population. It was mainly used t pay debts and to fund continental military campaigns, such as the Seven Years War and the American war of Independence. This system was clearly making the major part of the population, the third estate, infuriated. ...read more.


Most philosophers saw the British government as the one to be copied, because of how well it worked. Baron de Montesquieu, one of the most famous enlightened philosophers, believed, the model of England, with its parliament, independent judges and constitution would be perfect for imitation. Althoug the philosophers had no say in the revolution, their ideas were very important for the people to begin to want immediate changes, and for revolutionary feelings to sprout inside them. As it can be seen, the three factors above were essential for the end of the ancien r�gime. All of them: the exorbitant debt, the unequal taxation system, the unfair absolute monarchy and the enlightenment, were all extremely important for the revolution to happen. In my point of view, a combination of all of them was the result of the French Revolution, meaning they have equal importance. Therefore, I conclude the financial weakness of the absolute monarchy was important for the Fall of the Bastille only to a certain extent, although as important as it was, I believe that if France didn't have one of these factors, such as a corrupt taxation system, maybe the revolution wouldn't have occurred. Meaning I think have equal importance. ?? ?? ?? ?? Bernardo Teixeira 10 Mee History - Mr. Briggs ...read more.

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