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What were the important reasons for the peace movement in America and why?

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GCSE History Coursework: Denis Harley Assignment One; Question One Question: What were the important reasons for the peace movement in America and why? There was a lot of hippies and flower power in the sixties and people were all for peace and harmony towards others. This was not the Vietnam war. First off, there were a lot of soldiers; injured or disabled when they came back from the war. They were extremely confused during their time in Vietnam. Because they thought all the Vietnamese looked the same, they did not know the difference between the VC and normal civilians. There was a large feeling of paranoia. The average soldier age was 19 and the average time spent at war was 1 year. Most middle or upper avoided the draft by going to college or getting married. Most soldiers were poor white or black southerners. Some soldiers who went mad or against the war threw grenades at their superiors. Soldiers sent letters home to their families telling of terrible stories. The media documented a large amount of these soldiers' experiences. ...read more.


As said, the media got all of this, but the effects of Napalm were probably the most damaging. Napalm was jellied petrol, which was dropped on suspected VC villages. This chemical burned through the skin to the bone. It was all televised so the American people could see its countries power. All it did was show its country's ignorance, with pictures of young children, running with their skin burning off, it was all extremely graphic. This caused further unrest among peace movements and most Americans. Blanket bombing was also covered by television and showed massive areas and towns blown up. Blanket bombing, or Mass bombing is bombing in large areas, sometimes at random. The opposite of this is Surgical, or Precision bombing, which targets specific areas and requires much planning. This was also supposed to show the US's massive power, but again; because of the Media, it backfired, sparking more movements due to its ruthlessness. One of the main, if not the main reason was the Mai Lai Massacre in 1968. ...read more.


It was in the American peoples face all the time through the television, it could not be ignored. The Media were probably the largest benefactor to the ending the Vietnam War. The US Government wanted to show America's power, so they didn't reject to the Media covering the war. This badly backfired. Without the Media, the US probably could have fought the war in peace; this doesn't mean they would have won the war though. In the US Government had to pull out because of upcoming elections, the people wanted the US to pull out of the war. This obviously meant that the candidates had promise to pull out. And they did, gradually with the method of Vietnamisation. This gave the AVRN (South Vietnamese forces) more power and pulled the US troops out. One thing about the 1960's was its free-loving spirit that showed a time of prosperity and new rights. Black rights and Women's rights were going on at the time. The sixties were a time of laying back and chilling out. A time of free love. The Vietnam War was not. It was going against the times and it could not carry on whilst the free loving spirit of young Americans was the way it was. 1 ...read more.

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