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What were the main causes of the 1905 Revolution ?

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´╗┐To what extent was the Russo-Japanese was the main cause of the 1905 revolution. One Reason why the Russo-Japanese war was a major contributing cause to the 1905 revolution was the reason why it was started. Originally the war was started to divert the attentions of the people in of their current problems at home, and too increase Nicolas? popularity by winning a war overseas. However, the Russians greatly underestimated the Japanese and after a string of humiliating defeats (At the Battle of Mukden, they lost 90,000 troops, and most of the Russian fleet was burned by the Japanese at the battle of Tsushima) ...read more.


The end to the war was also one of the things that were asked for in Father Gapon?s position petition, which is also another contributing factor to the 1905 revolution, making it clear that Russo-Japanese war was also a large contributing factor to the revolution of 1905. Another contributing factor towards the 1905 Revolution is Bloody Sunday. Father Gapon and a crowed of peaceful Protesters marched towards a winter palace, with a petition calling for change. The petition called for many things, such as freedom of speech, repeal of the redemption dues, equality for all people and better labour laws. This ended with the soldiers guarding the Winter Palace opening fire upon the protesters, with the death toll uncertain, though it numbers in 100s, maybe thousands. ...read more.


Although other things such as the Russo-Japanese war and Witte?s policies contributed to the 1905 Revolution, Bloody Sunday is clearly the spark that ignited the gunpowder, as it mobilised the peasants into a revolt, and is generally considered by historians as the start of the 1905 Revolution. There many grievances of the peasants that could have motivated the peasants to revolt over their overlords. One such grievance is the redemption due, which was the debt paid to the government by freed serfs who bought land. The amount they had pay back to the government was way above what they were making on their land, which was not even able to sustain life as it was, basically making them live off literally nothing, while the government took everything. Another grievance of the peasants was that ...read more.

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