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What were the reasons for the Conservatives losing the 1964 election?

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What were the reasons for the conservatives losing the 1964 election? The conservative party had been a major power throughout Britain for many years, helping her through her post war strife, countless economic crisis? and developing her houses and creating ?houses built for heroes? as Supermac would say ?you never had it so good?. But it was now time for a new power to be put in place after the conservative failure in the election of 1964 to the new labour leader on the block, Harold Wilson. There were many reasons on why the tides turned during the 1964 election, mainly labour offered up to the country a ?New Britain? offering to mobilise technology and resources to bring Britain into a new age. ...read more.


fresh opportunity for the people of Britain to get a boost from social benefit to be able to provide for their families. This then takes me back to my point of Wilsons promise for a ?New Britain? in an age of mass unemployment and economic crisis, the industry of Britain was at an all-time low under the conservatives creating a really rigid market for imports and exports which are the main way Britain could ship her goods and get money into the economy, and with Wilsons labour governments promises of a ?New Britain? the people thought that a new age of technology and booming industry would be upon them with new openings for various trade markets and a better economy overall. ...read more.


To then follow this, just before the 1964 election Macmillan?s government were once again refused entry into the EEC due to the negative reaction from the French minister Charles de Gaulle on the terms that he feared the British were too close to the Americans. In conclusion, the conservative government downfall in the 1964 election was arguably down to the poor timing of certain events leading up towards the election, and the slow downhill fall of the conservative government decisions after the 1959 elections. With economic crisis, refusal into the EEC, the Profumo affair and foreign policy all making Britain resent the conservative government, it was inevitable that the conservative government was most certainly going to lose the 1964 election to Harold Wilsons Promise of a ?New Britain?. ...read more.

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