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Whether a twentieth Century War Was Just and a Holy War.

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R.E. Essay: Whether a twentieth Century War Was Just and a Holy War On 2nd September 1939, Britain and France declared war on Germany. Wars are started for many reasons, but can they ever be justified? This essay will analyse whether the factors causing the Second World War were justified. Augstine, a Christian leader in the Middle Ages, devised the Just War Theory. The Christian thinker Thomas Aquinas then adapted this theory, which then formed the basis of the UN conditions for a just war. To assess whether a war is justified the Just War Theory criteria need to be fulfilled. They0 and are shown below: 1.) There must be a just cause. ...read more.


Britain saw these invasions not only as a threat to those countries but to the rest of Europe and Britain itself. Secondly, the war must be started and controlled by a competent and legal authority, suitably the British government. This implies that wars started by small groups or factions with self-interest are unjust and the authority of the government ids required because the whole country is involved. Parliament should approve it because parliament is representing the people. The war must also be right intention, in this case to avoid the greed and evil nature of Hitler and to promote the fair, democratic rule of Britain and France. The fourth criterion is that the war must be a last resort; it can be argued that Britain and France tried the Policy of Appeasement. ...read more.


A 'Holy War' is a war involving two different religions or races where one type of race tries to convert the other into their religion. There is little evidence to show that the conflict in 1939 was a 'Holy War' as Britain and France were not trying to convert the Germans but were simply acting in self-defence to protect their people. However, there is a religious element in the War, the killings of thousands of Jews by Hitler's Nazi party shows clear discrimination simply because of people and their beliefs. To conclude, in my opinion the Second World War was just as many, if not all of the Just War Theory criterion were met. The war, ending in 1945, does not support the fact that it was a 'Holy War.' Ben Marlow 10SS ...read more.

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