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Why did America drop the bomb.

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Why did America drop the bomb America dropped the bomb on Hiroshima and then three days later on Nagasaki for several reasons. There were several reasons why this happened. In terms technological, the Americans wanted to show they were ahead of the world. Economically, they had spent $2 billion on this project; they needed it to work because if word of this got out to the public that the bomb didn't work then Truman would be a very unpopular man. He said after the bombing, "we have spent 2 billion dollars on the greatest scientific gamble in history, and we have won". The USA government wanted to finish the war quickly with minimum casualties, as the cost in human lives of the war was far too much and they couldn't afford to waste any more lives; POW's were being treated badly. Obviously there was also revenge for the attack on Pearl Harbor that destroyed the American fleet. There was also a hidden agenda; Truman basically wanted to show Russia that they were the only superpower in the world. America wanted to be the only superpower, this showed America's power militarily and technologically. The USA wanted to show it's power off, they were the only country to have these capabilities so it was a great achievement. The situation in the world at that time was as follows. ...read more.


Tokyo was like London in the Blitz, so they'd just be bombing rubble if they were to attack it. They found one city that hadn't been touched. It was the seventh biggest city so the data collected from this would give them accurate information on the power of the "little boy", (short for uranium fissioned bomb), and the devastating destruction it caused. When the plane loaded with "Fat Man" took off, the second target was Kokura, which had four prisoner of war camps, but the weather was so bad that after three trial runs without a visual sighting, the pilot headed for Nagasaki. Was the second bombing, of Nagasaki, necessary? On the 9th August America dropped a second bomb, this time on the city Nagasaki. This resulted in the death of 80 000 Japanese civilians. By dropping the bomb a total of 250 000 innocent Japanese people were killed, this included women and children and in particular workers homes and factories were targeted. Morals weren't included in this package. It was impossible for America to drop a bomb in peacetime, so Truman had to stretch the war. The Japanese were making overtures of peace in April 1945 through Russia, but America couldn't let this happen. It had to be now or never. America had to test the bomb they had spent 2 billion dollars, I think this factor would have played on their conscience to justify this. ...read more.


Fate played a bad hand on the lives of the innocent in Russia and in the nearby countries such as, Kazakistan and Uzbekistan. In the end we still witnessed several nations turn to communism and come under the umbrella of the Soviet Union. The research into the atomic bomb was necessary because Germany was doing the same. Germany the major atomic threat, surrendered in May 1945. America dropped the bomb for many reasons, e.g. to further technologically, militarily, economically, territorially, etc. There was a hidden government agenda that was covered up, they didn't want the "iron curtain" to spread over the world, so by dropping the bomb Stalin would get the sign not to move to a collapsed China, and to stop the spread of the red army. This was probably the biggest technological advance and as some would say "mistake" of the 21st century. It is called this because, if no Atomic bomb was manufactured then there would be no wars, this theory is from Kim Il Seung, who stated in 1989, " It is better to be without, then with". This is true in my opinion because it is from this that we read his findings, and the book, "new revelation" is made. The findings in the essay were put forward at the national atomic peace treaty at Potsdam in August 14th 1992. Goberchev, Bush and lady thatcher attended this meeting, with the rest of the big five France, Russia and China. ...read more.

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