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Why did America get increasingly involved in Vietnam?1945-65 From the early 1800's up until 1931 Vietnam was controlled by France,

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Why did America get increasingly involved in Vietnam? 1945-65 From the early 1800's up until 1931 Vietnam was controlled by France, Frances rule was then ended as they were forced to pull out of Vietnam due to the start of WW2, France left a 'puppet ruler' named Emperor Bao Dai. This left Vietnam vulnerable to invasion which was an opportunity Japan could not refuse and took advantage of Vietnam's situation by invading. This sparked the return of a well known Vietnamese communist, Ho Chi Minh who was an exile during Frances rein, but thanks to WW2 was able to stage his return and help battle the Japanese and regain Vietnam's freedom. The Marshall Plan was the main way in which the United States for the reconstruction of Europe following WW2. Between 1948 and 1951 the USA contributed $13 billion (equivalent to nearly $100 billion in 2005) to 16 European Countries. This followed President Truman's speech in 1947. ...read more.


Diem helped rule the South of Vietnam with the Emperor Bao Dai, until he removed the Emperor and replaced him with himself. He then further abused his position and appointed his family and friends with the most beneficial positions. He then introduced new laws and taxes which greatly upset the peasants, especially with the new farming policies. It was these laws that led to protests such as the Monks which burnt themselves to death as they were unable to practise freely. Unfortunately for America the harm Diem was creating and led to an increase in their involvement. Diem was then assassinated shortly after. The Domino Theory was taken very seriously by the Americans. It suggested that Asian countries would fall victim to communism like dominoes, as in once one had fallen the next in turn would fall and so on. To ensure that Vietnam remained pro-western, President Eisenhower provided weapons and sent 17 'advisors' to train the ARVN. ...read more.


This was a major increase in the USA's involvement as it moved from in-direct to direct interference. Their reason for this increased involvement was due to "repeated acts of violence against the armed forces", but was no doubt related to America's objection to communism. The outbreak of war occurred on the 6-7th February 1965 at an American base in Pleiku. It was infiltrated and attacked by the Vietcong. Eight US advisors were killed and hundreds wounded. President Johnson now had his excuse to attack Vietnam, and on the 11th February he did so with 'Operation Rolling Thunder'. During 1954-1965 America became increasingly involved in the affairs of Vietnam. This was due to a large number of factors, but mainly due to its huge objection to communism and paired with its own interests, such as sustaining its trade with Vietnam and varies other financial reasons, which will have been of great value. Another less but still very convincing and valid reason for their increased involvement was the embarrassment of being beaten by such an unworthy advisory, which then increased their great fear and hatred of the communist threat spreading. Jordan Coughlin 10E ...read more.

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