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Why did Charles fall out with Parliament?

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Why did Charles fall out with Parliament? There are a number of reasons why Charles fell out with Parliament. Some reasons are long term and were at the start of his reign. Some are medium term and developed during the "11 years tyranny". Finally there are the short-term events of the Long Parliament, which directly led to the outbreak of the war. From the star of his reign Charles had disagreed with Parliament in much the same way as his father had done. He disagreed with Parliament because he thought they were getting to powerful. He did not like the fact that they could decide how much money they gave him or how much he could tax people. ...read more.


People disliked this and a Buckinghamshire man, John Hampton, was famously sent to prison for refusing to pay. Charles also fined people. He had the right to collect fines from the law courts. He looked into old rules, such as the forest rules and fined people who broke them. And finally he sold monopolies, again like his father had done. Monopolies were gave people the right to cell certain goods. They were given to certain people who then put them up in price and made allot of money. But Charles needed money for troops to defeat the Scottish rebellion so he had to call parliament again-in 1640. In the short term, the events, which followed, caused the civil war to happen. ...read more.


Trying to arrest the MP's made parliament extremely angry, and an irate mob made their way to the palace. Now Charles' home didn't even seem to be safe. This made decide to move north to try and get an army together. He sent his wife, the queen Henrietta Maria, to Holland taking with her the crown jewels. She was told to find help and money for the army. Then in August 1642 the king raised his flag in the middle of a field in Nottingham but it was blown down soon after. I think that the war was inevitable to happen when Charles tried to rule without parliament and when he tried to arrest the five MP's. I think this because he did not have the right to do that and that and that type of thing is bound to start a war. ...read more.

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