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Why did the 1898 reform movement fail?

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  • Submitted: 30/08/2003
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AS and A Level British History: Monarchy & Politics

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Why did the 1898 reform movement fail?

The 1898 reform movement lasted from June 11th to September 20th, 103 days of reform was headed by Kang Youwei. The reform included changes in the education, political administration, industry and international cultural exchange. Different historians have different views on why the rebellion failed. Hsu, Fairbank and Reishaner argue that the rebellion failed mainly because of the strategy used by the reformers and the movement was too radical to be accepted by everyone. Hsu focuses on the inexperience of the reformers compared to the power and the experience of the Empress Dowager who still had much influence and power in China. He also suggests that the powerful conservative opposition was a main factor in the failure of the reform movement. , Fairbank and Reishaner focus on how the Chinese were too traditional and strong against modernization for reform to succeed. Gray claims that saying that reform failed, because it tried to push radical reforms is far too simple an argument. He focuses more on how the reform wanted to do what had already been done in the Hunan by Zhang Zhidong. He claims that the 1898 reform

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