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Why did the English Reformation happen?

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Why did the English Reformation happen? The Reformation happened in the 16th century or Tudor period when King Henry VIII was on the throne. The word Reformation means change, this was when Henry made himself head of the Church of England and not the Pope. There were many reasons why he made this change, some were personal, others were economic, political and religious. One important reason for the Reformation was Personal. King Henry VIII wanted to divorce Catherine of Aragon. Henry wanted to do this because he wanted a son. Henry thought that Catherine was to old to have another child and had only produced a daughter. ...read more.


So to solve his problem he made himself supreme Head of the Church of England. This meant that King Henry VIII could grant his own divorce. King Henry also had political reasons for becoming Head of the Church they were things to do with power. Henry wanted more power over England and thought the Pope had too much power and so he had another reason why he should have made himself Head of the Church. Also English bishops had to swear an oath of loyalty to Henry and not the Pope. Another cause of this change was to do with economy or money. ...read more.


There were religious reasons for the Reformation. Henry VIII changed Catholic Bibles from Latin into English so that people in the service could understand what was happening and what was being read to them in the service. King Henry VIII had a lot of reasons for the English Reformation happening. The most important reason for this I think was (As Head of the Church of England, Henry could divorce Catherine of Aragon.) I thought this was the most important reason because once he had become Head of the Church of England he could grant his own divorce and could change what he was not happy with and all of the above. As a result, our church has become independent from the Catholic Church. The Pope has no jurisdiction over the official religion, which is Church of England. ...read more.

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