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Why did the first Crusade Succeed?

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James Thompson History Essay The causes of the First Crusade In this essay I will discuss the main causes for the First Crusade, and argue why the religious beliefs of the people at the time were the primary cause for the Crusades, though the Popes desires to have a better economy and more land for Europe and Christianity were the reasons for the religious beliefs being used to persuade the people to fight. I believe that the main cause of the First Crusade is the Christians religious beliefs at the time, whilst there are economical reasons which could be achieved from the people's beliefs. When Pope Urban was told about the complex systems used in the Middle East, I think that this triggered the first major reason for the Crusade, and to get what he wanted he could use the religion as a passable alibi. Europe was coming out of the Dark Ages and so the Middle East was a lot more technologically advanced than them, to get what he wanted the Pope used Jerusalem, which at the time was ruled by Muslims, yet occupied Jews and Christians. ...read more.


future for the Christian society, with the Church being split into East and Western organisations, a Crusade that would unite them together seemed like a flawless plan. The people of the time were made angry by the propaganda from people such as Peter the Hermit, who would travel and preach for the crusades, by doing this; he gave the Christians a sense of being United, and a type of Nationalism towards fellow Christians. So the main cause being the religious beliefs ties with all these reasons, for the reasons such as economics and politics they would need common ground to unite, the idea of Crusading not being present in previous Christianity means that something new would have to be developed to convince people into partaking in it. The Byzantine emperor asking Pope Urban for aid was an excuse/reason for the expansion of Europe, and he could use this call for help as an all out call to the Christian World for the Crusade as there was a genuine threat, in which he told the French about the "devastating" ways the Muslims would treat the Christians and the destruction of Churches in the land. ...read more.


people crusading was the right thing at the time regardless of what the Bible or the teaching of Jesus told them, but the reason for this being used to per sway the people at the time to fight is economical, if the Crusades did not happen the Christian empire may have collapsed even more so than it had at the time due to the division in its foundations, and also the need to revive peoples active faith in Christianity, so the two reasons must be present for it to have happened. I think the key reason for the Religious cause working is the Plenary Indulgence which was used on people, as Christians of that time genuinely believed in the Bibles teachings and so would jump at a reason such as this. If the Christians had not started the Crusade, the Muslims would have posed a much greater threat to them as they would have potentially expanded past Byzantine and attacked Europe directly, and so this would have been the best time to strike because of the fear of attack by the Muslims. ...read more.

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