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Why did the Nazi Party grow up to 1929?

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Why did the Nazi Party grow to 1929? The Nazi party (NSDAP) were first awarded part of the national vote in May 1924 and although losing votes proportionally each election until 1930, they did stay alive and in the Reichstag despite having lee than half the votes they had when they had entered in 1924. This fall in percentage was from 6.5% to 2.6% of the national vote. The main reasons for this survival were the quality of the organisation that the Nazi party had, the Nazi strategies as well as other small publicity claims that they involved themselves in. Mostly this was instigated through the role that Hitler himself played in the Nazi party. Hitler’s role in the growth of the Nazi party can be demonstrated massively by his reorganisation of the party. This was instigated after Hitler had been released from prison for treason after his role in the failed Munich Pütsch of 1924. He did this by introducing the Führerprinzip which gave himself supreme power over policy and strategy for the party. A good example of this can be shown in the 25 points made by Hitler in order to structure and organise the party in common goals. ...read more.


The Nazi party used strategies such as propaganda through speech and visual advertising, and violence of the SA in order to keep support. The Nazi party put a massive amount of effort into training speakers by having training schools and individually providing every speaker with booklets on policies and propaganda techniques. Moreover, the Nazis used the latest technology at their speeches in order to help attract and appeal to crowds of people. This included using things like loudspeakers, slide shows, films and even planes in their speeches and rallies. Hitler himself was mostly responsible for the setting up of this system and even employed his own ?organisation chief? in the party in order to help run these strategies once set up by Hitler himself. Combined with the speaking of the party, the propaganda was well tailored to massive sections of society in terms of visual advertisement. This can be seen in Nazi leaflets at the time applying to German farmers, German traders, German mothers and German young people. In addition, because this was combined with the organisation of the party, much of this visual advertisement was subject to different areas of Germany where the majority of people in the area would be the type of people that the Nazi people were applying to. ...read more.


This included private and personal meetings with key individuals in a local community. For example, personally tailoring the campaigning to teachers or butchers in the hope that they might spread a message in a local community. Although we can see this is very small scale, it is representative of marginal gain that the Nazi party used in order to increase publicity bit by bit in order to keep interest alive for the party. Overall, the role of Hitler was absolutely vital to the growth and survival of the Nazi party to 1929 through his effective organisation and strategising of the NSDAP. This is combined with the fact that the Nazi party had been gaining in small publicity through events like the Munich Pütsch which were putting them on the political map. This placement on the map combined with the tailoring of propaganda was absolutely vital to the survival of the party as it meant that more and more people had heard of the party, which allowed for some momentum to be built in terms of any local success spreading. All of these things, if not entirely down to Hitler personally, were certainly instigated by and involved Hitler at some level. ...read more.

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