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World War One Sources Question

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History GCSE Coursework Question 1 Study sources A, B and c. Use your knowledge of the First World War to explain which two posters were published before 1916,and which one was published after 1916.You must give reasons for your answer. The sources A and B were produced before 1916 and C was produced afterwards. Source C is an American poster and these wouldn�t have been needed before 1916, as America did not join the war until 1917. Joining the army before 1917 when conscription had not yet been introduced was voluntary so posters like A and B which encourage men to join off their own backs by playing on emotions and make them think why they should join the army would have been needed. Posters A and B are very similar, they both use the family in encouraging recruits and patriotism-making the men feel that the war is something they should be part of. Whereas source C is portraying the enemy as a beast using propaganda to give the men enthusiasm to fight the Germans. Question 2 Study sources A B and C. In what ways are these posters similar, and in what ways do they differ? Posters A and B are very similar in using family values yo encourage young men to join the army .Source C is also similar to A and B in the sense that they all have something to do with patriotism of the war. Although A and B are similar in the way that they are both concerned with family and patriotism as does source C. Source C uses a different tactic of trying to recruit men; it portrays the enemy as a mad raging beast who must be stopped. It is also an American poster whereas sources A and B are both British. The posters A and B would not have been needed after conscription was introduced. ...read more.


Sources F and G were both produced for the same reasons to keep the British public proud of the soldiers and in high sprits that they would win the war. In these two sources the soldiers appear to be so relaxed that the people would think that they had a lot of confidence in winning without much effort. Source H is produced for a completely different purpose-to reveal what the battle was actually like behind the propaganda front that the public was bombarded with during the war. Question 6 Study sources I and J. Suggest possible reasons why these two sources give different impressions of conditions in the trenches. Explain your answer. Source I and J differ because they have been made for different reasons and by different people-one who has experienced trench warfare and the other people - have produced an advertisement to sell cigarettes. Source I has been produced for the purpose of selling cigarettes to the public therefore they are going to use the 'nice� relaxed image of soldiers have time to smoke one. The makers of this poster probably never actually saw the war in reality and even if they did go to war this could have been produced early on when conditions weren�t so bad. Source J is written by Siegfried Sasoon who had experienced war trench conditions and he creatively and cleverly uses his language to portray the trenches and the feelings of the other men. Sasoon describes some fingers of a dead man sticking out of the air as 'an appeal to God in defiance of those who made the war�. This very much emphasises one particular incident and he twists it-so it has a meaning In source I we are told about all the gruesome details such as the 'mangled bodies of the dead� everywhere in the trenches but Source J gives a nice clean and un-battle like impression of the trenches. ...read more.


Which was nothing like the government led the public to believe during the war. Question 10 Would a historian writing about the trenches in 1918 have been likely to produce a different account of what conditions were like from a historian writing much later? Use the Sources and your knowledge from this period to help you explain your answer. The Historian writing in 1918 about the trench conditions would have most definitely had a different account than one writing later. This is because the real information at the time was concealed from the public. Only writings that didn�t describe the trenches as bad were allowed to be published. Although there was conscription in 1918 there still would have been a lot of propaganda around to make the public feel proud of their soldiers. The Historian writing later would have been able to look at a variety of sources and information not just that what the government let people see. By using a range of information the Historian would later would have a better idea of what trench life was really like from different view points. The sources E,F G and I are all examples of the kind of things produced in the war. E -a postcard censoring the soldiers writing back home so they wouldn�t let anything slip about conditions. F and G which appeared together in British newspapers shows the men confident and brave while entering the battle this was later critised by BA steward who was present then. A historian later can look at both sides of the perception of the trenches but the historian writing at the time wouldn�t have much of an insight. The historian writing earlier would probably have given a much nicer impression of the trenches than the historian writing later as the bad details were kept quiet from the public. Source I is another example of the nice clean laid back impression the public were fed during the war. The historian writing later would also have a different account because they are 'reflecting� history rather than writing an account at the present time. ...read more.

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