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Writing a biography in the style of Marie Claire's "Life Stories" - Elizabeth Taylor: The Destructor.

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Hans Chetnani Writing a biography in the style of Marie Claire's "Life Stories. Elizabeth Taylor: The Destructor Behind the scenes Elizabeth Taylor's life has been full of both excitement as well as tragedy. Victim to numerous diseases, she has been forced to undergo surgery many times. It started off with her being infected with pneumonia in 1961 but soon escalated to her dependency on alcohol (after the death of her daughter in 1976) and then most seriously she was diagnosed as having a brain tumour in 1997. Even though she was 70 she was treated successfully. In contrast with the problems she has had behind the scenes, her acting career has been very successful. She was nominated for the best actress in the Oscar awards for 3 years in a row from 1957to 1959. Arguably, the greatest actress of all times, Elizabeth Taylor was born on the 27th of February 1932. Born in London, where most people were suffering from the havoc and chaos of World War II, she moved with her family to Los Angeles. ...read more.


Tragically, Dean was unable to see the release of the film as he died in a car accident in 1955. Despite not being given the Academy award, she kept on improving until in 1958 she starred in "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof". This movie was much better than the ones she had done before and received rave reviews from all the critics. Elizabeth was nominated for the Academy Award. Despite losing it, she was regarded as a "hot commodity" in the film world. Like her acting career, her personal life took off when she first married Nicky Hilton Or, in 1950. It was then that Elizabeth's personal life began to rival her film career for public attention. However, this limelight soon affected in her acting career causing many flops. Many spread rumours saying that her break up with Nicky in 1951 was because of this negative effect and that she wanted to get on with it and make a future for her. ...read more.


Unfortunately, he too was married and Elizabeth Taylor was regarded as a "seductor" of other people's wives. After doing "The Mirror Crack'd" in 1980, she proved herself to be a truly great actress and she earned a Tony Award nomination. She called her marriage to Burton the "Great love of her life" but it had to end in 1974. This made headlines in the newspapers, as she had never been serious about any of her relationships before. They remarried in 1975 and gave birth to Maria and just one year after the birth they divorced. Elizabeth Taylor has had a very exciting life with many husbands and best selling movies and she continued to act until 1994 when "The Flintstones" was released. Devastatingly, In February 1997, Elizabeth entered hospital again for the removal of a brain tumor. The operation was successful but it has had side effects such as baldness and scarring. This meant she no longer does ads. She may not be on the big screen anymore but Elizabeth Taylor will forever be remembered as the beauty that captured our heart for three decades. ...read more.

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