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A Day On The Job

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A Day On The Job Working for the Jackson Hewitt Help disk is no easy task. It takes hard work and dedication as well as mental stability to complete the daily tasks presented before you. Although not every call is difficult, dealing with some of the franchisees takes a great deal of tolerance. Some of them believe that you as a technician are responsible for every problem that occurs on their system. Most fail to realize that computer problems are inevitable and we are here to help resolve the major issues, which occur as a result of the Jackson Hewitt programs. Being a computer tech is no easy task. You have to be able to envision the problem at hand and resolve it without actually being there. ...read more.


If you don't have a sense of humor there is no need to apply with this help desk. The daily routine is to joke around with each other in the same manner brothers and sisters would. Not one person who was lacking "people skills" has lasted at this help desk. They felt as if we were purposely trying to humiliate them. The fact is, that's how we are. There is no co-worker who is out of the "circle" and we are all equal here. Each individual's opinion count. We have input on the activities of the company and what direction we feel the company should try to grow in. However, not every one feels that this is a good idea. ...read more.


They would rather have us separated than to see a carefree work environment. Why is it that there is always a small group of people, in every corporation, that wants supervisor/representative interaction to be kept to a minimum. However there are others who encourage this type of interaction. They feel that these interactions add to moral and increase the productivity of the company. We even have supervisors that we hang out with after working hours. We go to dinner together. We even go to each other's homes for dinner or just to relax. For the most part my workplace is a very enjoyable one. This is a company I would love to be employed by as my career develops. The growth potentials are enormous. Cendant owns 1/4 of the major corporations of the world, so one can even grow by transferring to another company within the corporation. ...read more.

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