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A History of Apple's Operating Systems

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A History of Apple's Operating Systems (c) Amit Singh. All Rights Reserved. Introduction Mac OS X is a unique operating system in that it represents a rather successful coming together of paradigms, ideologies, and technologies that have usually resisted each other in the past. It is a result of the trials and tribulations of Apple and NeXT, as well as their user and developer communities. Mac OS X is perhaps one of the best examples of how a capable system can result through the direct or indirect efforts of corporations, academic and research communities, the Open Source and Free Software movements, and even individuals. Apple has been around since 1976, and many accounts of its history have been told. ...read more.


This, in turn, will be helpful in understanding and appreciating the system as it is today. My approach in this discussion is to have somewhat high magnitudes of the depth and breadth of historical coverage, as long as I believe the discussion is interesting and relevant from a system design perspective, within reason. For example, while I will briefly describe "the influence of Xerox PARC" and the background of Mach, I will not go to farcical limits and talk about the invention of the transistor, or the discovery of Silicon. Feedback I will welcome, and do request constructive feedback. I will highly appreciate if any errors, omissions, or misrepresentations are pointed out to me. ...read more.


o AIM for POWER o Mac OS for PowerPC o NetWare for PowerPC o AIX for PowerPC * Quest for the Operating System o Star Trek o Raptor o NuKernel o Taligent and TalOS o Copland o Gershwin o BeOS o Plan A * The NeXT Chapter o NEXTSTEP o OPENSTEP * What NeXT? The Mach Factor o Rochester's Intelligent Gateway o Accent o Mach o MkLinux o Musical Names * Strategies o Mac OS 8 o Mac OS 9 o Rhapsody o Blue Box o Yellow Box * Towards Mac OS X o Mac OS X Server o Darwin o Mac OS X Developer Previews o Mac OS X Public Beta o Mac OS X 10.x * Others o Mac OS on Pippin o Newton OS o iPod's OS ...read more.

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