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A Relational Database system to assist the stock control operation of Rai's Newsagents.

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1 Title: A Relational Database system to assist the stock control operation of Rai's Newsagents. 1.1 Keywords: The keyboards from the title are; Database, Stock Control and Newsagents. 2 Problem definition: 2.1 The problem is that the shop owner does not know the quantities and value of the stock on the selves and in the storeroom. As a result of this the owner does not have the accurate numbers of how much stock is needed. This results in the owner (Mr Khan) running out of stock and other items when he could have sold more if he had more. 2.1.1. When making an order to the wholesalers Mr Khan has to phone and make the orders manually. This sometimes takes a lot of time and can result in wrong orders or the wrong stock being ordered. Mr Khan has then got to send the incorrect stock back to the wholesalers and wait longer for the correct stock. This can cause losing valuable customers as they may have orders for certain items, which they have especially reserved. 3 Aims: * To produce a relational database which will be able to order stock for Mr Khan and in the correct numbers. ...read more.


It is customary that Mr Khan has complete control over the order of confectionary items as well as newspaper and magazine deliveries, information of such consistent item quantities are difficult to get hold of. The nearest competitor to Rai's Newsagent is within a 500-metre radius, and demand for items among local residents is high. Mr Khan's newsagent is situated on a main road in Ealing, West London. This newsagent sells a variety of products that range from Tobacco, confectionery and stationery. The small organisation has formed a relatively good relationship with its local customers. The majority of sales revenue is gained from the counter sales. 7 Research method: In order to realize and implement a relational database to ease the stock control of items such as confectionary and stationary, attention must be given to the user requirements. Therefore I will interview certain representatives from Rai's Newsagents and will try to discover the user's needs. Due to the user's I.T incompetence, research into user-friendly interfaces and how this can be accomplished within a database environment will also be conducted. A variety of database software will have to be consulted before deciding on the correct environment that would help satisfy user requirements. ...read more.


11 Resources The resources I will need for my system will be an up-to-date computer with the latest edition of Microsoft Windows XP. This will be necessary because Windows XP is very basic to use and very reliable to understand. Windows XP is also a plug and play operating system, which basically means that any hardware attached to its USB ports will instantly be recognised by the system. This means the owner will be able to back up all the relevant information on a storage device such as a portable hard drive which look like lipsticks. The software package that will be installed with the system will be Microsoft Office XP. I will be using this package as this offers the best database developer in Access. With Access XP the owner will be able to: * Produce the correct tables, which will be able to store information on stock * Produce the correct forms for deliveries * Produce the correct Reports * Produce the correct Queries, which will show which items need to be ordered With Microsoft Office the owner will also be able to use its other features and resources such as Word and Excel. 12 Reference List: Broad, (2004), http://www.businesslink.gov.uk/bdotg/action/detail;jsession. ...read more.

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