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A report on the impact of ICT

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A report on the impact of the availability of electronic information. Contents Introduction Page 2 Effects of Availability of Electronic Information on ... Me Page 2 The Household Page 2 My family Page 3 Businesses Page 4 Those that do not have Access page 4 Bibliography Page 5 Introduction Since ICT had been introduced life has become much easier for a lot of people. ICT has rapidly evolved since it was discovered. There is new ICT Systems being invented every year, and the old ICT Systems are updated. Things that were done by human are taken out of the market. ICT Systems are used all over the world for different purposes. In some parts of the world there are people that do not have access to ICT. What electronic information do I access and what impact has this had on my life Personally the internet plays a huge part in my life and I use it frequently everyday where ever I am. When at home I will be on my laptop where I can talk to my friends through social networking site like Facebook. I also shop for cloths DVDs and anything that I might need to get for birthdays of Christmas presents. ...read more.


Effects of Availability of Electronic Information on My family In past years the internet has had a huge impact on my family's lives and other families throughout the world. One of the biggest impact it has had on my family is through internet sites such as Facebook and software such as Windows Live Messenger, which allow easy communication on a daily basis wherever they may be, allowing such communication with family in this way will decrease the use of phones and letters which in turn could save money. However recently advances in mobile phone technology have allowed me and others to do all of this on their mobile phones with wireless capabilities it can cost no more than doing it on the computer. The internet supplies families with a new means of communication through the sharing of not only general information but photos, videos etc. My family uses the internet for online shopping, more than going into town, especially for birthdays and Christmas as it supplies items for a cheaper price and saves a lot of time, as opposed to going buying all your presents in shops. Sites like Amazon allow you to buy all your gifts in one place and most major retailers have their own personal section were you can purchase their goods. ...read more.


72 percent of people that do not currently have access to the internet said that will not want it within the next year. But are these people at a disadvantage? With an increase of internet based information such as product recall, there is a risk that those without the internet will miss out on important information. For example important information about benefits and different schemes in place to help people in financial difficulty is stored on the internet, when those that need this information are the same people that cannot afford computers. Many utility companies and shops have discounted internet prices that those without the internet miss out on. Currently there is a great push to enable more people to access the internet whether it be at home, school, work, the library, or an internet caf´┐Ż. Within the next few decades more and more sources of information and communication will be internet based. For example channel four has recently launched an internet TV service, MSN and Apple are just two providers of internet radio, and several sites like Bebo, support Skype (an online telephone/video service). There are however two sides to the coin, many people seem to forget that even though the internet and other electronic information helps us enormously with day to day life, there was and still is an entire generation that do not and never will use the internet but seem to get along just fine. ...read more.

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