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Assignment 1 unit 7 Security Assessment Report (.coursework.info)

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Assignment 1 unit 7: Security Assessment Report Contents An Introduction Email Task 1: Types of threats to your security with suggested improvements(P1) I. Malicious damage II. Human Error III. Technical Failures IV. Internal threats V. External threats VI. eCommerce VII. General Suggested improvements Task 2: Types of threats to your physical security with suggested improvements(P2) I. Biometrics II. Physical security Task 3: Types of threas to your digital security with suggested improvements. (P3, M1) I. Software and Network security 1) Firewalls 2) Call Back 3) Handshaking 4) Use of Backups 5) Audit Logs 6) Fire wall 7) Configuration Task 4: Explanation of encryption and other security methods for your data in transit(M2) Task 5: Protection methods for unforeseen natural disasters or disruptions. (D1) An Introduction This is Unit 7 Assignment 1. In this assignment I will be explaining and recommending to the boss of BuyItAll.com my security recommendations which are outlined above. Email. I have theoretically sent an email to the boss of BuyItAll.com before I wrote this Report, to advise him of some immediate security measures he should take, e.g., change of passwords because if I sent a Report in 2 or 3 weeks time, anyone could have been accessing the system in the meantime. Task 1: Types of threats to your security with suggested improvements(P1) Malicious damage T he possible threats to the security of BuyItAll.com may include malware, such as viruses (which include things like Trojan Horses), which are little programmes similar to apps which can delete crucial files in your computer and/or computer registry . Another threat to your computer system may be Spyware which is a computer programme enabling the creator to receive data from your computer about your computer and most commonly, your personal details and your businesses' private details. These programmes may have been uploaded on to your computer by the disgruntled ex-employee maliciously. Someone could have uploaded some malware onto a website and when you go onto this website, you will also download the malware. ...read more.


There should be efficient junk-mail filters on your email to avoid any viruses coming into your system by email. Task 2: Types of threats to your physical security with suggested improvements(P2) Biometrics These are mechanical security measures that detect fingerprints, gait recognition and iris detection, etc. Be aware that these methods are not foolproof! There are people out there who spend every day trying to beat these systems. Physical security These are security measures like locks and bolts on doors and windows. Security guards and dogs could be employed, and burglar alarms such as motion sensors, noise detection and other sorts of alarms; CCTV cameras and Smart cameras to be deployed inside and outside the building. The doors to the server should be locked and a security guard should be positioned outside the door. With the server's hardrives being locked in place and for higher security measures, having a vault door in front of the server, and having the access keys 12 metres apart, and operated simultaneously by two separate employees, would ensure greater (but not foolproof) security. You could invest in a disaster resistant room with fire resistant tiles, and some way of filtering flood or excess water, and some way of cooling things down if the air conditioning breaks down to avoid the server being flooded and/or cooked, for your server to resist things like terrorist attacks, e.g., bombs and/or the unlikely but still possible event of a tornado. All these physical security systems could help to make your business secure. Describe how software and network security measures can help keep systems and data secure. (P3, M1) Software and Network Security The first suggestion I would make would be buy or download your software from reputable retailers. Unlicensed and cracked software could also have incorporated Malware in the cracking code and also, you could be in trouble with the law if you use unlicensed software. ...read more.


or not work altogether, so it is highly advisable to have some sort of anti-virus software installed, keeping systems and data secure. use of passwords Passwords are crucial to deter any opportunistic data thieves. If everybody has a strong password, these types of thieves will be stopped. When signing up for a Google mail account, they have an indicator next to the password, they have a scale next to the password selected, to indicate whether this is a weak to strong password. Generally, weak passwords are 1 - 6, your dog's name, your wife's names, or any similar name, important dates like your birthday. These are considered weak passwords as they can easily be guessed. Strong passwords are usually an alphanumeric combination of upper and lower case letters, for instance, GIRfufr57fjy, keep systems and data secure. levels of access to data The levels of access is crucial to your systems and data so not just any employee can access or change files. Only authorised personnel, i.e. only administrators and you, can change system files, keeping systems and data secure. Disaster recovery Disaster recovery is if something disastrous happens, you can then keep damage limited . Backups are an example of how it is possible to prevent the loss of your data. The use of Backups are essential to your business, so that if your hard drive fails you will need to get a new hard drive and if you neglected to back up your computer, all your data is lost. So backups are essential to keep data secure. If there is no disaster recovery, in the event of a flood or fire, your data may well be lost. Whole system recovery If a complete disaster happens, you need to replace your whole system. You need to use your backups from another building, buy new servers and put the backups onto the new servers. ?? ?? ?? ?? Joe Alt Monday, 04 July 2011 Assignment 1 unit 7 Security Assessment Report Page 1 of 8 ...read more.

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