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Benefits of a Network

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Benefits of a Network There are two types of networks LAN (local area network). LAN networks on the other hand usually only cover small areas of one to several KM. Although this may seem like a large area it is still considered small or local. WAN (wide area network) networks are characterized by the distance the transverse and the fact that they will always be attached to a common carrier of some type, either the good old AT&T or one of the more that 100 common carriers available in any metropolitan area. These are the networks that you find in schools and offices for example our school network, which is a LAN network covers a large area but is contained on one site. ...read more.


The software used on the network is also shared. An organisation has to pay a network license fee for the software but this still works out cheaper than buying software for each individual machine. It also allows email, which is the way that much day-to-day communication takes place. But it's not all good. The organisation has to pay technical staff to maintain the network. User accounts need to be added and deleted as people join and leave an organisation. Because users' data is stored on the hard drives in the servers these need to be backed up regularly or there would be a public outcry if it were lost. ...read more.


Security can become a major headache. Networks are better than stand alones because: - Printers can be shared: individual stations do not need their own printer. When they print, the data is stored in a queue on the file sever. Programs can be shared: software packages are stored on the file server and downloaded to work stations as requested. Data can be shared: database files stored in the file server are available to users around the network; data from CD-ROMs can also be shared. Users can communicate with others on the network, sending messages and sharing files. Robert Scanlan 11 Spencer ...read more.

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