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Business communications

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Business communications There are many methods of communications available to businesses today, I am going to look at different types of technology and how they allow CDASU (Cyprus Defence Animal Support Unit) Veterinary Practice to communicate between staff and patients/customers. Section-1 Fax machine 1.1 Technology A fax machine is a highly specialised package consisting of a scanner, a modem, and a computer printer. Fax is a telecommunications technology that allows companies to send copies of documents using affordable devices over the telephone network. The scanner converts the content printed on a physical document into a digital image, the modem then sends the image data over a phone line to another device, and the printer at the far end produces a copy of the transmitted document. The advantages of using fax machines are that they are much safer, a fax machine will not allow sensitive material to be sent over the Internet without it being encrypted this is done with the help of mandates. The disadvantages of using fax machines are that, the technology is facing Competition from more web based systems. 1.2 Method of communication The Fax machine in the veterinary practice is used for receiving the results of the blood test. ...read more.


E-mails are a quick and easy way to contact someone, using e-mail saves time in posting, and you can send an e-mail and receive an answer to your e-mail within hours or even minutes. E-mail is much safer than posting information when an email is sent or received that email will remain in your inbox until opened and read and then can be deleted after so many days of being left depending on how your account is set up, you can also create folders on your email account to save emails in. Section-4 Presentations Presentations are an easy way to get information across to member of staff but there are three pieces of technology that work together to be able to present the slide show. 4.1 Projector 4.1a Technology A projector is a piece of equipment used to project images from a computer on to a large blank surface; a projector is normally used to view presentations. The advantage of using a projector is the fact that you can show presentations to masses of people at ease whereas without a projector everyone would have to crowd around the computer screen or printouts would have to be made. ...read more.


The laptops could also be used to setup presentations and could be linked to the projector and the interactive whiteboard. Section-5 Mobile phones 5.1 Technology I am going to concentrate on the new apple iphone. The apple iphone has various uses it has the use of Phone calls, SMS, Voicemail, Photos, ring tones, music, video, Wi-Fi store, e-mail, widgets, youtube, maps, multi touch, wireless, accelerometer, and a proximity sensor, so this phone can be used for almost any thing. The advantages are that it is a very convenient size it can be carried anywhere with ease. The iphone also has MultiTouch touch screen technology which lets the user navigate the on-screen controls with nothing more than bare fingers The disadvantages are that the phone is locked on a Singular GSM network, and the touch screen keyboard could make typing very hard if you were using your fingers. 5.2 Method of communication Mobile phones can be used for all sorts especially the apple iphone the veterinary staff could benefit from the iphone as it contains all the methods of communications necessary it even offers a map service, the iphone would cut out the need for a PDA or even for taking a laptop around with you as the iphone can fulfil all the needs of a basic laptop. ?? ?? ?? ?? Laura Kadhim ...read more.

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