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Consequences for an organisation in implementing IT based changes

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Access the possible consequences for an organisation in implementing IT based changes. I have been asked to access the possible consiquences to an organisation when they are making IT changes. I will explain the problems that can occur when your company make changes to there IT side of their company. The problems that would most likely come up if there are any, are a loss of income and unrest around the workplace from employees. When you are actually making changes to your ICT side of your business, you will always start off with making massive losses because you are investing in new software and new computer systems. But in the long run it will make it so that your company can make massive profits in the future more than they had previously got when working on the old systems and software. When you implement ICT changes there will be problems, due to when you install new software your staff will not be used to this, and will need time to get to learn the program. ...read more.


If you just buy new software and hardware without looking into what it can do to your company it could have an extremely negative effect on your business. Due to if you don't look into the ways that they can help you, it can be negative because it could actually even though it cost you a lot of money put you in a worse position. It could put you in a worse position for instance if you cannot carry out certain aspects of your business because the new software doesn't support what you were doing. Also when you are just about to implement new systems and software you will have to make sure that your company have the funds to stay afloat during this time, because if you don't access the losses correctly that you will almost certainly receive. If you don't revise this matter and actually go into debt because you have made massive changes such as new systems all around the building and a massive new network ...read more.


If the company wasn't to have IT in their business then they would be well behind other rival companies because they would have absolutely no online presence, people wouldn't be able to get in contact with them via emails. The company also wouldn't be able to store information on their stock levels and the customers. Overall really now you have to have computers in your business so that you can stay competitive in the current market. Overall I believe that a company should definitely think about the consequences when they are making IT changes because if they don't take this into account then it could cause there company to lose money instead of gaining money which was actually the aim when you came up with the idea of investing in new software and systems. And getting it wrong could also constitute in unemployment for your staff so that your company can get by. ...read more.

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